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Being a career woman is not an easy task. This is because over building your career spectrum success, with are other factors that you must synchronize within your pattern. Every woman needs to be noticed and remember the little things they do. This is even worse when you are leading as a manager or in a higher position in your company. You want to ensure that you leave a lasting impression at all costs.

1.    Make deposits and not withdrawals

Every interaction and exchange you make are calculated either as a deposit or a withdrawal just like a bank. People feel either exhausted or energized after working with you. As a manager, your relationship towards the people you are working with is very important. As you speak to your juniors, do you motivate, and energize them? Or are you the kind of leader that your colleagues wish you don’t come to work today? One simple way of making a lasting impression as a woman is ensuring that you give everyone you speak to your full attention, ensure you provide him or her with a reason to be innovative once again.

2.    Handle pressure with confidence

The way you handle pressure and stress in your life defines who you are. For you to leave behind a lasting impression, you must be immune to pressure. Therefore, make yourself to be stress- tested by handling every pressure you can. With time, this will become your regular part of life thus giving you a better position to give advance in times of crisis. Once this becomes part of your routine, then better performance will gradually become your habit. You will always inspire those around you by providing them a reason to outshine any pressure that comes.

3.    Keep it real

Always be yourself. You can never who you are not, in fact, every other person is taken therefore you must be you. Don’t let the fact that you want to impress overtake your role and call of duty. Your impression skills are not in impersonating someone else or downplaying your personality, no. If you do a presentation, don’t limit your innovative ideas, keep it real. Make your efforts significant to everyone around. You never know, maybe what you view as a small idea is all your company want to become a great organization.

4.    Always be at your best

Other than being a leader, you need to be self-motivated this comes from the way you start your day. Ensure that every time you leave the house, you feel confident with the person you are. Your dress code should always inspire you fast before you inspire others within your company. Have a simple makeup touch that will improve your looks is very important too. Therefore, developing your closet with Laser hair removal machines is the step towards a lasting impression. Ensure that you have your leg shave occasionally complements your dress code. In return, it gives you the bride and the confidence to undertake your responsibilities feeling energized and inspired.

The way you present yourself in the office or when sipping the cup of coffee should motivate someone to want to know your style. Being an executive woman does not just happen by chance. Keeping a lasting impression is therefore not for everyone. You must be optimistic have a brilliant and authentic idea that will make your skills unique and different from all others. Let people learn from your simple way of doing things. Ensure to always leave a mark in every day, by starting it with high spirit.

Impress yourself become a person of exercise, embrace the need of resting and be friendly. You cannot achieve to leave a lasting impression to people around if you are not ready to impress yourself. Exercising helps the body by relieving endorphin, which is a mood-enhancing hormone. If you enhance your mood, your performance throughout the day will be different. You will be able to face challenges in a better way. Remember you are a woman. Women are mothers and mothers know how to nurture, mold and build. Your motherly part of life is an accurate impression, once you exercise that part of you, then automatically, you will be the best selection for every promotion.

Author Bio:

Alfred Stallion is a guest blogger and writer who writes articles on varied topics ranging from business, marketing and finance. His articles made him popular among his readers