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Special Offer - Take the PDA Online Psychometric Assessment tool and receive the full report for £49.50 and the summary report for free!

CourageousWorkplaces has just teamed up with PDA International to deliver the PDA online psychometric assessment tool.  To celebrate this partnership, we are offering the full report for only £49.50 and the summary report for free.

Unlike other psychometric tools, the PDA's strength is in identifying an individuals’ preferences, their strengths, motivators and opportunities for development in relation to their work role. 

There are a range of PDA Reports which can also be used to understand and support team development, describe the person’s communication, leadership and sales styles and help the individual’s manager to lead them to success.

Based on well supported psychological theories and over 10 years of application, PDA has quantifiable validity and reliability which are based on the rules set down by the American Psychological Association and verified by the American Institute of Business Psychology.  US based but global in orientation, clients include McDonalds, Accenture, Nestle, JPMorgan, ADT and Roche.

If you’re interested in knowing more and have 15 - 20 minutes* to spare then take this link to a free online assessment and we’ll send you the summary Report for free and you'll have an option to buy the Full Report for only £49.50.

Alternatively, you can either fill in the form or contact us to talk about your needs.