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At CourageousWorkplaces we recognise that turning words into action affects all parts of an organization.  While our tools, techniques and assessments are applicable across the workplace, our strength and expertise comes from our in-house and consulting knowledge in three key areas;


What is Compliance? Key in to a search engine and you’ll find it embodies ‘action’ in line with a wish or a command.  However, Compliance professionals recognise more than any other professional that simply telling someone what to do will not result in a change in behaviour.  

Take a look at some relevant statistics;

  • 40 – 60% of observed misconduct is never reported (Compliance & Ethics Leadership Council 2008)
  • 82% of whistle-blowers raise their concerns internally, 60% of which do not get any response from management (Public Concern at Work 2013)

These are symptoms of organizations where adherence to compliance policies is not part of everyday employee behaviour.

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Human Resources

Human Resources – undervalued or over promoted?  Managers and employees remember great HR professionals but often make fun of or despair at HR teams.  While HR Transformation programmes have delivered cost savings and process efficiencies, they have often failed to deliver significant changes in HR effectiveness.

We believe that most HR professionals want to take the opportunity that the Business Partner structure offers them to deliver a proactive, business focused service.  

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Strategy Implementation

The word ‘strategy’ is a highly emotive word with multiple meanings.  This confusion often means that execution – the action – gets lost.  We’ll leave the implications of that to the experts;

• “Strategy without execution is hallucination!  All too often when we teach strategy to MBAs, 95% of the time is spent on the theory of strategy, while at best 5% is spent on execution. While in the real world… it is the exact opposite.” (Forbes)
• “80% of directors said they had the right strategies but only 14% thought they were implementing them well” (Times 1000 companies)

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What next?

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