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Strategy implementation

The word ‘strategy’ can refer to the words used to describe long term objectives, a process of identifying future alternatives (think SWOT etc.) or even be used to describe employee behaviour e.g. being proactive.   

For many organizations, teams and individuals, they spend so long on crafting and communicating the right words, they forget to put enough effort into making those words become relevant to the everyday life and actions of all employees.  

What does "growth through acquisition" mean to the Customer Service officer?  Or "organic growth coupled with reducing non-core costs" mean to the IT function?  It doesn't often take long for those well meant words to become meaningless to the very people they're trying to motivate and inspire.   

We can help teams with their strategic implementation in a number of ways;

  • Build a common understanding of strategy and of ‘being strategic’ in terms of behaviours, deliverables and thinking
  • Translate an organization’s strategy into a functional / team strategy and deliverables
  • Translate strategy into employee objectives and behaviour   

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