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Courageous Transformation

In business, transformation is defined as a marked change in appearance or character, usually involving an organisation culture.  Transformation implies a change to an outcome that is uncertain, usually based on some pre-agreed core principles or values. 

Transformation requires courage.

A courageous workforce believes in the organisation and what it stands for.  Employees are therefore prepared to take personal risks in following the leadership team and owning the new future.

For Organisations or teams who are needing to radically change their business model or strategy in order to survive or who are in the process of a significant M&A, building a courageous workforce is the only way to successfully transform.

However, transformation need not be so extreme.  For Organisations or teams who are seeking to gain or retain competitive advantages, or are wanting to be more innovative or customer focused, building a courageous workforce is a long term strategy to engage employees in order to become more flexible and responsive, more willing to share and be creative, more willing to work for the greater good.

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