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Delivering change to increase employee engagement and productivity

“Turning words into behaviours”

Organizations love words.  Whether it is an employee policy on holiday leave, a compliance policy on the treatment of suspected malpractice or a strategy statement about the business vision, people in organizations put enormous effort into writing rules and processes.

How many organizations however put the same energy into making sure that those words are reflected in the behaviour of their employees?  How many times do they expect that a new policy will be followed simply because it has been written and an email has been sent out?  Do they really believe that simply asking employees to change their behaviour, even a little bit, is that easy?

This simplistic approach has never worked but as the operating environment has got more complex and the demands that are placed on all employees and managers increases, the price of failure has also increased. Enron failed despite having a comprehensive ethics policy, Fortune Magazine has quoted that “7 out of 10 CEOs who fail, do so not because of bad strategy, but because of bad execution” and a Towers Watson study highlighted that 75% of change management initiatives are not successful.

Organizations need to ensure that fine words are turned into employee behaviours.

At Courageous Workplaces, our name comes from our belief that courage – the willingness to act despite the uncertainties of the outcome – is the difference between organizational success and failure. We provide practical advice and support that is based on the latest research combined with tried and tested organizational techniques. We have a range of tools and assessments that we use with our clients to develop and embed action in the workplace.