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Developing your organisation’s skills to increase employee engagement and productivity

“Turning ideas into behaviours”

Organizations love ideas.  Executives spend a lot of their time reviewing past performance, thinking about the future and working out how to improve existing processes whilst meeting future challenges.
But how many executives ensure that their ideas can be converted into employee behaviour? 

At Courageous Workplaces, we work with you to help develop practical ways to implement your ideas. Whether that is through advice, training and development, new technology systems or updated processes, we will either provide you with a dedicated consultant, trainer / facilitator or project manager and all of the resources that you need to retool your organisation. 


Based on the success of our latest book (GenZ Insight: How to make your organisation a GenZ Magnet), we have developed a series of workshops and training courses or organisations that are struggling to hire, retain or motivate young people. They range from 1 hour taster sessions to 2 day (or longer!) workshops for line managers. Contact us for more information.