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Who is CourageousWorkplaces?

Courageous Workplaces started life with a focus on enabling Human Resources teams (CourageousHR) to develop and use non-technical skills and knowledge. Based on decades of personal experience in managing, working with and delivering such skills to HR teams, we developed a range of tools, assessments and models. 

We came to realise that those same skills and knowledge were just as relevant for both Executives and other support functions such as Compliance, IT, Finance and Audit. 

We pride ourselves on delivering learning that is based on what our clients and their employees say they need, rather than what is easy to deliver. In addition, when delivering workshops or training interventions, we use material that is relevant to our clients that requires high attendee interaction. Our workshops are events, not simply regurgitating material from American academics.

Recently, we also realised that the approach we take to delivering learning to support functions was highly appropriate for the newest generation to enter the workforce – Gen Z. We have therefore developed a third leg to our offering and offer both skills training and awareness learning to Generation Z employees, their managers and executive management. 

Underpinning all of our work is the belief that people and not technology or processes make organizations successful. A courageous workplace is one that puts its belief in people at the heart of what it does, and gives them the skills and knowledge to deliver. 

If you'd like to know more about Guy, our Managing Director, including referrals from clients and fellow professionals, take this link.

We are passionate about people.  If you'd like to know more contact us.