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Schools open early in the morning and close till afternoon, which proves that children spend much of their time in educational institutions. Throughout their school timings, they attend lectures, practical classes and educational seminars for better academic performance. As children spend a valuable duration of each week in schools, it’s a responsibility of institutes to teach them important things other than course work. The books will help them to increase their knowledge in order to secure good grades but, to live a happy life, a child needs to learn much more than educational knowledge. This article will further explain 10 things which should be taught in schools besides academic courses.

1. Manners:The first essential thing, children should be taught, is manners. Manners will make commendable human beings and good people of society. Schools should teach them how to behave appropriately by being nice and decent.

2. Discipline: Discipline is also necessary in order to eliminate unruly personalities. Children should be taught discipline in schools so they can do things according to rules, without hurting or disturbing anyone else. Discipline will make kids civilized and successful.

3. Sharing: Schools should also conduct some activities which bring the sense of sharing among children. From such activities, students will learn to share with other fellows and this training will make them caring human beings of our society.

4. Patience:Another important element in developing a personality is patience. Schools can carry out some group activities which will make students wait for their turn and learn to stay calm and peaceful with patience.

5. Time-management:Time management is also essential for students, as they have to manage tough studies, recreational activities and family life. Schools should train them to have control on time by making them follow strict schedules and timetables. This will help them now in their educational life and afterward in professional life as well.

6. Swimming: Swimming should also be taught in schools for safety purposes. Students should know how to swim so if they ever fall in water pool or lake, accidently, their lives can be saved with this skill.

7. Repairment: Repairment is also an essential skill which can be helpful now and later in daily life. Schools should teach students basic home and car repairments so that they can help themselves in bad times.

8. First-Aid: First-Aid is the medical assistance which every individual should be taught in schools. This skill helps students to provide quick aid to needy injured people, who can’t reach hospitals in time and should be treated right away.

9. Basic Cooking: Schools should also conduct classes of basic cooking to make children a little independent and responsible. If mothers are occupied by some other important matters, students will be able to cook something little for themselves to treat the hunger.

10. Self-defense: You never know when you face any trouble. Children should be taught self-defense skills including martial arts and karate, to defend themselves in bad times. This skill can decrease the child abduction rate as well.

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