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The most difficult choice that an individual face in his/her life is choosing a career. Though, there are numerous career counselors who might help you to decide a career, but you can still be confused on what career path can be a perfect fit for you. This is the point when you need to ask yourself: “Are you passionate about your career option, or you are passionate about having a lucrative career?”

According to a Fortune 500 company’s recruiting trainer, Amanda Andino, it gets tougher for people to decide on a career because their ultimate focus is on the money they are being offered rather than the job itself. Thus, the lucrative payroll might make them choose a job which they are not passionate or interested about.
No matter if you are a fresh graduate looking for a job or an experienced professional, here are the 3 tips that you are suggested to follow in order to choose an ideal career path:

1. Analyze if you made the wrong career move:

If you are not excited every morning going for your job and you are really pondering over a career move, it hints that you have been thinking over this idea for quite some time privately. However, before moving on to the next job, it is important to analyze if you made a wrong career move or just that the organization culture doesn’t match your personality.

However, if you have opted for the wrong job, then it is important to determine and analyze the reasons that make it the wrong choice. It is very vital to understand the things that are making you unhappy at the job. Thereby, it is important to know all the things that you are looking for before choosing the next option.

The day you are excited to go to work with great passion to complete your assignments day in and day out, it means that you have finally made a choice that is truly right for you.

2. Note down the things that you want and things that you don’t want from your career

There are numerous reasons that can make people choose wrong career paths. For instance, there are numerous individuals who take job just to impress their friends or family, there are others who pick up a job getting impressed by the amount of salary they might get and some choose the job as it seems the most appropriate thing to do at that moment of time. 

As taught from the very early days, if you are good at something then you must choose it as your career. As the individual is usually good at various things, hence it again get confusing on what to choose. Thereby, a more appropriate learning is that something you are good and at the same time passionate about, choose it as your career!

Thereby, it is important to be specific about the things that you are looking for when choosing the career that is truly right for you. Here are the questions that you need to have answers for before moving on the next job.

- What are the things you enjoy doing?
- While doing the things you like, what skills are utilized?
- What are the things that are meaningful for you?
- What are things that you are good at?
- What are the things about you that are complimented or admired by others?
- What are the things you do that nobody else can do better?

Once you have answers of above questions, then it gets easier for you to choose a job that is truly rightful for you.

3. Evaluate your personality

Once you have got all the answers as mentioned above, then the next phase is to assess your education, your lifetime experiences and your knowledge, skills and abilities. It is also important to assess your personality like your values, your interests and your character attributes before moving on to your next job. These both should be properly assessed before taking the next big move thought it is obvious that your personality is going to be more important than your C.V. The alignment of your personality to the next career move is very important as it is obvious that the skills and knowledge can be taught but ethics and attitude is not teachable.

Following these 3 tips will make it easier for you to choose an ideal career path for you. After all, it is you who is going to decide in the end.

Author Bio:
Tony got his MBA in marketing completed from Almeda University. Passionate about reading and writing since the very start, Tony is now a blogger and digital media manager at a leading marketing agency.