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An engaged employee is the one who is most productive and meets his deadline successfully. He has the bigger vision and works incessantly to achieve his goals.

It begins with the engagement of employee and ends at efficiency and productivity.

On an average, People in West spend 7 to 11 hours a day which is way much than to the time that they spend for sleeping. An employee or worker feels actively disengaged when he is asked to work compulsively for longer hours. Think for instance, will it be easy for these tired and rusted employees to perform at their higher levels? No way, not at all. Energetic and enthusiastic employees show up early in the morning, complete their tasks within the deadline and don’t take unnecessary breaks.

Disengagement is a pain in the neck for a company. Distractions, on the other hand, are at your doorsteps to derail you from the path to progress. Undoubtedly, an employee of today’s high-tech scene is much muddled as compared to previous ones. Though, we have tons of ways available now to leverage our efforts for highest productivity, but, the decline in productivity seems to become a new normal.

According to Bureau of Statistics, ’U.S.A wastes around $400 to $600 Million each year due to the myriad of proactively disengaged and unproductive employees.

Employee engagement and workplace productivity are intertwined with each other. A workplace where engagement, collaboration, and teamwork are higher bounds to earn the maximum profit and satisfies the needs of the clients and plays its part in easing off people lives across the globe.

Entrepreneurship graveyard is littered with business, ideas, and services which had an impressive start but a dip in the productivity ruined them. It is important for anybody who wants to start a new business or aspiring to expand newly started a company to give special heed to Productivity. Productivity is not just reaching your workplace on-time, sharing insightful ideas in a boardroom or having a fancy app on your smartphone to tell you after every 15 minutes that how productive you are with your projects at hand.

Productivity is all about setting mindset and prioritizing. It is not just leveraging efforts or becoming a most effective employee in the company. It has a domino effect on the existence of the business. A bunch of unproductive and irresolute guys has incremental rates of absenteeism, half-heartedness, frustration and laziness which can bring your company’s profit to lower.

Everything looks good when a relationship goes incessantly between employees and productivity, which is a good thing. When workers lose sight of the big picture; the whole system of productivity crumbles down.

How to get rid of this malice and what are the ways to turn bad performers into productivity Champions?

Following are the 4 fail-proof tips that will let you rise from the ashes of inefficiency, incompetency, and unproductivity to grab the glories of maximum profits, highest productivity, improvement and better services for the customers and community.

1. Encourage Autonomy Over Micromanagement
2. Give your Employees Training Opportunities for Future Success
3. Focus on the Bigger Picture with Clear Communication
4. Enhance Employees’ Satisfaction with Great Perk

1- Encourage Autonomy Over Micromanagement

Employees feel attuned when they are rewarded with autonomy. Micromanaging to subordinates disappoints them. Making your employees autonomous in their decisions is way much fruitful as compared to micromanaging them.
● They don’t think themselves as victims that double their confidence about your jobs and duties and they put forth their best efforts to complete a project at hand successfully.
● They open up and share their best ideas for the betterment of the company’s core products and services.
● Autonomy gives a sense of freedom. Employees push limits and leap boundaries to work constructively towards achieving company’s main goals.
● An autonomous employee is always better at solving complex problems as compared to one who is micromanaged.

2- Give your Employees Training Opportunities for Future Success

Another way of increasing overall productivity of employees is to train them time-by-time. A company which schedules learning opportunities tends to experience a drastic improvement in productivity and efficiency. Training employees for maximum productivity have the huge impact on the mental buildup. They feel renewed, prepared and aligned with company’s policies. Subsequently, it prompts meritocracy which enables talented individuals at the workplace to exhibit their innate skills. For instance, you are running a company of graphic designing where your creative designers create logo design, banners, infographics and so much. Creativity is all about imagination for creating something new. Creative employees are most susceptible to boredom, lethargy, and monotony when something new isn’t assigned to them. Here, training is the surest antidote to keep the employees motivated and energetic. As such, they will have vested interest in producing eye-catching designs and their productivity will reach the highest levels.

3- Focus on the Bigger Picture with Clear Communication

The interpersonal communication system is what that build trust within employees. A workplace where collaborate communication is encouraged, creates boundless opportunities for improvement, well-being and achievement. A company with weaker interpersonal communication is bound to derail from vision and mission. If you want to build an atmosphere of productivity and cohesiveness, then, ‘Clear Communication’ is indispensable. It will fire up mutual understanding among employees.

Communication builds bonds of affinity, collaboration, and friendliness within the company. Not only, employees, but also teams should communicate splendidly to take productivity and creativity to the next level. It helps in solving problems at first hands before they become major roadblocks.

Especially, those workplaces or companies where people from multiple ethnicities, faiths, religions work together; it is essential for an organization to have well-planned communication channels to avoid any offensive thing to occur within employees or teams which could result in lessening of productivity.

4- Enhance Employees’ Satisfaction with Great Perks

Employees feel satisfied when they are rewarded with great perks and fringe benefits such as insurance, free medical and paid vacations. Employees work wholeheartedly for the employer who takes care of their needs and supports them at the time of need. Suppose, a boss at major publication in London for press releases, assignment help and other services wants his employees to sit longer hours, skip vacations and avoid breaks, so do you think, ‘Will he able to achieve his targets and goals with such nerve wrenching work style?’  Never because employees would take more breaks and they will be reluctant to work for longer hours. It is true that we humans resist to what persists.

The best way to instigate employees to do their best at jobs is to offer perks and benefits. Actions speak louder than words. Grateful actions towards employees and teams bring unforgettable improvement in the performance. Perks and benefits that a company offers to employees have gigantic effects that will ease up increasing productivity altogether.

In nutshell, a company with autonomous employees who are no micromanaged has the competitive advantage over competitors. A workplace where education and training are provided selflessly fosters the culture of creativity and innovativeness. Likewise, clear communication within employees and perks are what that take the morale of the workers to the next-level where they feel accomplished, fulfilled and supported. That’s why a company who will apply these techniques will progress by leaps and bounds.

Author Bio:
Adison Alex is an expert essay writer at Top Quality Essays. He has written about creativity, productivity and HR. He is Masters in Business Communication and HRM (Human Resources Management)