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You have no experience in writing but you want to give a try to creating text masterpieces and earning money for that? These 5 cool strategies to build your writing career from zero are what you need right now. They have been developed specially for those who want to try themselves in writing but don’t know where to start. All these strategies have been already tried out by the thousands of young writers all over the world, and the bigger part of them moved from the beginners to the professional writers. So are you ready to make changes happen? Get ready to write!

1) Own a blog

If you are expert in some niche or if you just want to make writing a kind of a business, owning a blog is a great step. When you have your own space for writing, you can experiment with the styles, with the manner of presenting information and the way you communicate with your audience as frequently as you want that. Besides, your own blog helps you to develop your writing skills as you will be a content contributor by yourself. You will discover all the principles of copywriting, creating catchy headlines and promoting your blog in the Internet. It requires no money but you will need time to enjoy the benefits of being a blogger.

2) Write for your friends

Portfolio is a must for any writer. Thus, if you have zero experience in writing, you need to do everything possible to create a strong portfolio as soon as possible. Of course, you may have some problems with getting orders, but you may overcome this problem if you ask your friends to help you. We bet that you had at least one friend or a friend of friend who is in online marketing and who is permanently looking for content contributor. Do not expect for the huge payments from the very beginning, the money will come when you impress the customers with your portfolio that you need to create now.

3) Create a Facebook community

Writing is not a personal thing. Today, you can share your thoughts with thousands and even millions of individuals you just need to choose a corresponding platform. For example, you can give a try to Facebook. Create a community where you will post regularly. Write about interesting things, and do remember the main rule of social media. Your post should include an image or a video to attract the attention of your readers.

4) Work on freelance platforms

Another great idea for those who have no experience in writing is to give a try to freelance platforms. Here, the main challenge will be to find the first customer and get the first positive feedback. However, once you’re done with that, you will start to get orders more frequently. Pay attention that it’s always better to use the platform itself for making a deal, as in this way you prevent the situations when the customer gets the text but pays you no money.

5) Become a trainee copywriter

A huge number of marketing and advertisement agencies are permanently looking for young talents who want to join their companies. The salaries are not very high here, but the experience that you will get is priceless. You can always apply for the position of trainee where the whole team will share with you their expertise and will develop your writing skill. You can also try to apply to the position of the junior copywriter, but it will be more difficult to get it if you have zero experience. Also, you can give a try to the trainee in content management or editor team, where you will still get the basic knowledge of working as a full-stack writer.

Do not be afraid to make the first step! Each businessman started at this point having no experience and no idea how to develop his career. You just need to pull yourself together and get ready to work hard. Be open to experiments and never hesitate to try something new in your writing. Perhaps, if will lead you to the open door of the writing career that you have always been dreaming.

Author Bio:

Christina Battons is a blogger and web content writer who helps people and students succeed at writing, education, blogging, and more by sharing with them my knowledge. Nowadays writing blog posts at online proofreading resource Thriving Writer, and I am also an active guest writer at many websites. You can join me on Facebook or Google+. I’ll be happy to hear you, just drop me a line!