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Once you’re beginning a new job, you’re stepping at a new routine. Plenty of tasks, meetings, and challenges. Even freelancers have their own struggle, which can sometimes be bothersome. Growing your career is a really laborious procedure (though essential one). However, a great salary is a perfect motivation for you and, let’s face the truth, the higher it is, the more motivated you are. Thus, here are some tips, which can help you get a raise.

1. Ask For It

Yeah, this sounds simple. But the requests like “increase my salary” are the wrong and ineffective way how to get a raise. Instead of this, you may ask such question as “what can I do to get a promotion and increase my salary?” and inquire your employer to offer you some ways to how to get a pay raise. Here is an important thing: take your time and think over a boss’ offer. Don’t agree on the conditions if you don’t appreciate ones only to get a raise. Rushing things up is not a good idea.

2. Present your own plan

A good boss can always raise your salary. But he/she needs a reason to do it. Create a plan of how can you make a difference and bring benefits to your company. In other words, make your employer believe you deserve getting a raise. Introduce it to your boss and wait for approval. Try to be attentive to your leader’s advice and take his/her suggestions into account.

3. Suggest alternatives

No matter how hard you try, it sometimes happens when a company can’t permit to get a raise financially. Don’t get unmotivated and blue in that case: you always have alternative ways to change something. For example, you can ask for improvements in your workplace or offer your company to provide you with a gym membership. Slight changes may bring you satisfaction and increase your work efficiency.

4. Start looking for something different

After several negotiations with your employer about how to get a raise at work you may still be stuck at a deadlock. In that case, finding another job will be a solution. Set your goals and start visiting job interviews to find what you want. When you find a new workplace, inform your boss about it and give him/her time to think it over. If an employer wants you to stay, consider this, but make your decision.

5. Run your own business

There is something very convenient and attractive with being your own boss. Not only it gives you an opportunity for limitless personal development, but also provides you with more flexible working hours and higher salary. You can choose field of activity and be engaged in something you really like doing. However, every new beginning needs your time, energy and money. Be aware of all pros and cons of creating a completely new business and take your time to work out appropriate development strategy. If you can’t come up with the idea of perfect entrepreneurship, try starting up something online. Nowadays, writing services are gaining their popularity on the Internet promptly. For example, education platforms offer a great variety of academic papers for students, specializing in any type of essay, dissertation, lab report, term paper and so on. You may follow this example and start writing or any kind of service on Internet.

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Helen Birk is a content marketer and freelance writer. Writing is her passion. Helen has acquired excellent writing skills under the leadership of EduBirdie. She continues to provide a professional help as a writer of works for students. Mrs. Birk wants to share her own life experience, and give advice to those people, who want to work and succeed in this sphere. As Orson Scott Card once said, “Writers create themselves as they create their work. Or perhaps they create their work in order to create themselves.”