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It is really difficult to improve your concentration at work.  Your child annoys you and you get angry. Your husband fights with you and you get hysterical. Within such a frenzied state, your concentration goes out of the window.
Below are some tips to improve your concentration on your work. Have a look:

Prioritize tasks

If you want to concentrate on your work then focus on prioritizing your tasks. Tackle big jobs first and leave the small jobs for later. Create a list to mention the most important tasks. Divide that list into three columns. Mark one of them as 'A' while the other two as 'B' and 'C' respectively. Include all those tasks that you have to submit today or tomorrow in a column A while those tasks that you need to complete next week in a list 'B'. Include least important tasks in the list 'C'.

Simon Rego, PsyD, director of the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Training Program at Montefiore Medical Center and Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York City says, “If you fail to prioritize tasks, this can lead to organizational and distractibility issues.''

Corral your email

You might get frustrated by the incessant ping-pong of incoming emails, no matter how focused you are. A single incoming email is enough to derail a person's day. So, instead of reading your emails as they come in all day and night, set a specific time to read your emails so that you do not get distracted by them. David Lowenstein, PhD, professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine says,“Most patients find this very useful because we’re almost slaves to always having to be available to emails and phone calls.''

Limit other distractions

It is really difficult to concentrate with persistent voice mails that are enough to distract you. 24/7 availability of internet is another addition to these distractions. Even a casual conversation with your friends or colleagues at office can drive you away from your task. So, instead of whining about this problem later, focus on solving it now. Set specific time to check and answer mails so that you stay hooked onto your task. Avoid using social-media websites too because they also play a vital role in distracting you from your tasks. Rego says,“If you don’t turn your computer on, you don’t get distracted.''

Break it into bite-size chunks

Don't overstress yourself by taking too many tasks at a time, instead break your tasks into manageable bits so that you can do them easily. As Rego says,If you feel stressed or anxious, you can assume whatever task is making you feel (this way) is too big. Therefore smash it into smaller, more manageable bits.”

If you feel the need to write something related to your tasks or goals on a piece of paper, then do it right away. Write your goals and your ways to achieve them. Write all the important milestones that you want to cover. Write how these milestones will help you do your tasks.

Work in the same location

Working at Pizza Hut one day, the Starbucks another, and library another  will make you more prone to the distracting external stimuli so you have to keep yourself focused by staying at one place. In this way, your mind will get used to the place, and you will be able to work with more focus. Rego says, “Being consistent in your environment and trying to work in the same place at the same time increases your natural tendency to do work in that area.''

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