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Most business leaders and Human Resource professionals wish to understand how to keep their employees loyal to them and give it their all for the progress of your company. But what they fail to see is that there really is no secret to building trust, motivation and engagement and the solution is actually quite simple

All you need is a little dedication and care. First off, go and ask your employees exactly what it is that they find lacking and if there is any way you can help with that. Not everyone will just come forward with their complaints so it’s up to you to go up to an unsatisfied employee personally.

Here are five more ways you can keep your employees engaged and motivated simply by making a few changes in your behavior towards them.

Trust is the Key

Start by building trust, because it might very well be the only thing which works with people. If an employee feels like he can’t trust you, it automatically makes him dissatisfied with the work he’s been given and at the company at large.

Trust is, of course, not the only thing which can make people stick long term and make people want to work for you, but it does make it possible for your employees to focus on long-term achievements like the matter of attaining their goals, services, and achievements. All the points I’ll be discussing revolve around building trust and how they can result in a better engagement.

Practice What You Preach

Everyone can talk the talk, but few can walk the walk. If you just keep on throwing empty promises at your employees and neglecting your commitments, your employees won’t trust you and think that you’re all just for show and don’t know what you’re talking about half of the time.

Leaders should always be the role models and practice the desired behavior they expect from their employees. It’s natural for the employees to have a default behavior set upon them by their leadership as an example and how and what they’re being asked to depict.

Open Communication

Many leaders, managers, or those in a senior or authoritative position tend to hide the performances of their employees from them because they think that the employee might get it over his head and become overconfident. Or they simply think that it’s like an ever going battle between them and their juniors to show who’s smarter or who can yield better results.

Get rid of this mindset and trust your employees with information because then an employee feels a deeper sense of belonging and motivation to work because they can see that you trust them to fulfill a task. It also makes an employee know his place and importance in the company which can then further help to create cooperation and a better work environment.

Work on their Developmental Skills

Each employee wants to advance in their career and they look up to you to help them grow and groom themselves. You need to provide the necessary skills and training to work on their development. Furthermore, your employees should feel that they are benefiting from your program and that it suits their needs. Trusting in and investing in your employees both in terms of time and effort will only benefit your company in the end and boost up your business performance.

Be 100% Approachable

Don’t just lock yourself in an office and become unapproachable. It helps an employee’s morale if they regularly see your appearance in an office. Make them feel that you’re easily approachable and always available to hear out their problems. Reprimand them in private and acknowledge them in public.

By recognizing the contributions and the achievements your employees have brought in for your company out loud, you raise their morale. It’s not only the specific individual who would feel motivated but also the others around him who, naturally, all want to earn your recognition by being awarded bonuses.

The most simplistic things are the ones which are often overlooked, especially in big companies. I previously mentioned how acknowledging your employees can fundamentally raise their morale and it’s perhaps the quickest way to build trust.

Simply by thanking your employees, you can restore the rifts between you and your employees and keep your workplace energized and pumped up to work. Make sure your managers and supervisors are all supportive individuals who regularly keep your workforce engaged and provide them with a lot of support and pep talk. If an employee feels like his work is being rewarded, chances are he’ll stay with your company in the long run.

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