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The reach of social media is so wide that even major firms are now incorporating it into their business. Online recruiting has now become the new hiring norm for organizations around the world. Social media is the place where most of today’s working class is usually hanging around.Nowadays, about 94% of potential recruiterstrollvarious social networks and platforms for talent acquisition and management, while 59% of employees say that they joined a company due to its strong social media presence.

Yes, social recruiting is influential, but since it is quite ubiquitous, companies have to be smart and unique in their quest for sniffing out talent. That is where our insightful tips come into play. So if you want to get the most out of your social recruiting strategy, then you need to use the following tips:

1. Use Periscope

If you’re familiar with Periscope, then you are conceding your competitor a big edge. Periscope offers a simple and hassle-free way for searching talent. You can easily set up a live stream from your phone and give others access to it. Reputed companies like UPS have already been using Periscope to conduct video interviews of prospective candidates.

Due to its immense popularity, other recruiters are also high on this method. Apart from a video interview, you can also do a live stream of your company on the inside to share your business culture with the applicants or do a live stream of a special event. How cool is that!

2. Engage With Influencers

Looking for the right candidates may be more challenging than you would expect. It is because many organizations already have sizable engaged followings for each type of candidate that your business wants.

But it’s not only about having a following but about engaging your audience as well. As a recruiting team, you would want to build good relationships not just with your employees but also with the social media influencers. Your list of followers would triple by cultivating on yourrelationships with the influencers.

3. Use Twitter Hashtags

A simple hashtag serves as one of the best social media techniques that drive online traffic. It is usually attached to a word or phrase that is related to a special event, person, celebrity, or saying. For example, the hashtag ‘Happy #IndependenceDay’ acts as a hyperlink that will take you to other tweets, Facebook and Instagram posts that relate to Independence Day. It can help you by expanding your reach to people who aren’t following you. In other words, a hashtag can bridge the gap between you and your prospective employees.

4. Utilize Niche Networks

Just because Facebook is the most widely-used social media platform doesn’t mean you can find your prospective employees over there. To approach specific candidates, you have to pursue niche networks and forums.For instance, developers use GitHub and StackOverflow for sharing knowledge, while marketers share ideas on Warrior Forum and Miz. Similarly,companies can also provide a head-turning answer on Quora to attract potential candidates for a position.

5. Time Your Social Media Posts

The timing of your posts is one the influential factors when it comes to social media marketing. It could be bad if you publish your social media posts at the wrong time. A post published at 3 the morning cannot serve its purpose as everyone is asleep at this time.

This is why it is important for you to time your posts to be able to generate the right impact at the right time. Using Buffer and Hootsuite would really work in your favor.

6. Optimize Your Linkedin Page

Everyone knows that LinkedIn is a website for professionals. It is the prime example of online recruiting in the world today. There are about 93% of companies all over the world that make use of this platform. However, having an official company page is not sufficient to attract the pool of suitable employees for your organization. To reap true fruits of this website, you should create a proper description on your page by using relevant keywords. Once you do it, you’ll be on your way to finding the best talent for your company.

The aforementioned are some expert tips to help you cash in the various benefits of social recruiting. Hope you’ll use these techniques to effectively tap into the potential of social recruiting.

Author bio:
Scarlett Erin works as an HR Manager at Assignment Star. She is also a researcher and writer and offers expert Assignment Writing at Assignment Star.