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Relocating for a new job can bring a mix of excitement and other emotions. Moving to another job may help you build up your career, achieve more money, a promotion, or more. However, there are many things to consider before relocating for a job. Here are some of the most common things to take into consideration before relocating for a job.

1. Effects on Spouse

You built your roots at your current home and as excited as you may be for a new move, promotion, or career, taking into consideration the effects of those around you is pertinent to a successful move. If you’re in a committed relationship, asking if they are willing to move with you is one of the first steps to take. Does your partner have a career of their own? Are they close to family? Do they have some close friends they don't want to leave? These are just a few things that need discussion before making a final decision to move. Another question to consider is if the move will make you happy and bring you closer.

2. Effects on Children and Friends

If you have children, this can be an even more difficult task. Children’s ages and personalities should be considered before a move. Moving a child to elementary school is much easier than moving a child that is in high school. It may be easier to move during a time of neutral transition such as at the beginning of the school year so your child can start the school year off fresh. If you live close to a family that needs some of your support such as an elderly parent, this can be more difficult as you will need to ensure they are cared for. If you have strong friendships, this is key to having a happy and healthy life.

3. Moving Can Be Costly

Moving can get quite expensive. If you have a home, you may need to do some repairs or repaint to get your home ready for sale. The cost of a realtor for the old and new house can add up. If you are moving far away, the cost will become greater as you may need to hire a moving company. Although some jobs over moving assistance, temporary housing, and a moving company, it may not cover all the expenses. If you are moving across the country, the cost of flights can add up. If you need to move a long distance away, it may be worth negotiating the cost of moving in your offer.

4. Consider Cost of Living

The Cost of Living will be different no matter where you land in the world. If you’re considering moving for a job, take into consideration the cost of living before you move. The cost of living in Florida will be much smaller than the cost of living in California. Just because you earn more money doesn’t matter if the houses are twice as much in the new town you’re relocating in.

Not only is it important to check the cost of living for homes and the surrounding area, but checking out how much basic necessities cost such as gas, food, and clothing will help you determine if your salary will be high enough. Make sure your new salary is appropriate for the area you’re moving to.

5. Shipping Your Car

Preparing to move can be stressful but moving vehicles can add more stress to your move. If you have children and pets, it may not be feasible to pack them in the car and drive cross country to relocate. Hiring professionals to ship a car to another state can help ease the stress of transporting a vehicle across the country. Some companies provide a wide range of services such as door to door transport, open car transport, enclosed auto transport, and more.

6. Finding Housing

With the housing market at an all-time high right now, it may be easy to sell your home but difficult to purchase another home due to high demand. Although the new area you are considering may be temping and have everything you’re looking for, it may not be the right time to make a move. If you’re eager to work for the new company to build your career, it may be worth it to negotiate a remote work situation until you’re able to move to the new location. If your new employer is adamant about hiring you, they may just consider allowing you to work remotely.


Moving for a new job can be stressful for you and if applicable, the entire family. It takes a lot of courage and determination to find the perfect job and moving to a different area that you may not be familiar with. It’s important to take into consideration the way your family feels as well as the cost of living prior to relocating.