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While it a reality that being an introvert can become a big hurdle in adjusting at workplace, it is not something that can ruin your career. Many introverts fear their life in workplace to be a complete disaster based on myths and rumors that people believe in. Though surviving in a place full of extroverts can be a little challenging, an introvert can definitely survive and succeed once he finds out how to avoid falling for myths.

Following is a list of few most common myths related to introverts at workplace that you can take a look at and take measures to avoid their impact on your performance:

1. Introverts Never Become Great Leaders

As soon as people realize you are an introvert, they start doubting your abilities to become a leader. The first thing you need to do is assure yourself of your potential and avoid listening to such people. From Abraham Lincoln to Emma Watson, the history is full of successful introvert personalities who not only survived but were the best in their respective fields. Leadership skills have no link to introversion.

2. Introverts Hesitate Speaking In Front Of Public

What people perceive as hesitation or lack of interest on behalf of an introvert in public events is basically their nature of speaking selectively. People often think that introverts get nervous and confused if they are invited on stage but it is so not true. It is observed that introverts sometime feel a little more anxiety than extroverts when it comes to public speaking. But as a matter of fact, public speaking being a skill has nothing to do with introversion or extroversion.

3. Introverts Are Bad At Decision Making

Like many others, this myth is also untrue. The ability of decision making does not depend on nature of the person rather on his ability to think and analyze the problem at his hand. While some people may take decisions within minutes, others might take their time to analyze it without their introvert or extrovert nature being an influential factor in the entire process.

4. Introverts Cannot Become Good Salespeople

Sometimes it is observed that introverts lack the art of talking the way salespeople do but that does not make them any less capable than extroverts. There are various tips that introverts adopt in order to polish up their communication skills and also excel in their sales job.

5. Introverts Cannot Network Efficiently

Introverts are a little different than extroverts. Instead of socializing and networking with anybody and everybody they meet, introverts tend to socialize with selective people only. Their selective nature is not a barrier to the quality of network introverts can establish at workplace.

6. Introverts Hate Working In Teams

When people think introverts lack the basic ability to work in teams and communicate efficiently, they are wrong. Just because introverts like to think before they speak does not mean that they cannot communicate well. All that people should understand about introverts is that they need just a little space and time to perform well at workplace.

7. Introverts Are Shy Due To Low Self-Esteem

Many shy people are actually introverted by nature but it is wrong to say that all introverts are shy. It is also a very common perception that introverts lack self-confidence. While in reality, low self-esteem can be experienced by any person at all regardless of their introvert or extrovert nature. Being quiet in office meetings or being detached from people in social gatherings does not make any individual low self-esteemed.

Myths will always be myths and you may come across many people who believe in them. If you really want to succeed and prove them wrong, focus on your work rather myths and find yourself a mentor who can guide you through the difficult process of adjusting in a workplace as an introvert.

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