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When they first make the transition from school to the workplace, it can be a struggle for many new graduates. The working world is a lot different than the sheltered academic environment. If you are not prepared for the demands on your time, entering the work world can be troublesome. The volume of work you are expected to get done is usually much more tasking than the amount of work you were expected to get done at school. If you are new to the workplace, follow these seven tips to maximize your time management skills.

1. Use a Calendar

The only way to make sure you stay on time in any endeavor is to keep track of your time. When you make careful notes on your calendar of everything you need to get done, you will never have a deadline creep up and surprise you. Whether you prefer an electronic or paper calendar, make sure that you use some type of calendar to keep you on track.

2. Learn Your Limits

Two important words you need to learn when you start working are “no” and help.” These two words will keep you from biting off more than you can chew. Never be afraid to say you need help with a project if you feel like you need it. You also need to know when to say you can’t take on a task when you already have a full plate.

3. Take Breaks

When you have a lot of things to get done, you can be tempted to keep working for too long. It is important to get up every hour to make sure you get your blood flowing. You brain will function much better and you will get more done when you take a five-minute break every hour to recharge your batteries. Taking regular breaks is also one of the keys on how to handle stress at work.

4. Set Alarms

With all of the technology that surrounds us, you never have an excuse for being late to a meeting. Use your computer or cell phone to remind you when you have a meeting. Make sure that the reminder is set for at least 15 minutes before your meetings to ensure you have time to take care of any last-minute details you need to handle.

5. Forget About Perfection

In the work world, the most important thing you need to do is to get your work done. You can avoid a lot of stress in the workplace by simply identifying causes of work-related stress and forgetting about trying to turn in work that is perfect. Keep in mind that you are not in college anymore. You are not getting strictly graded on the work you hand in. It is much better to present something adequate on time rather than finishing your work late even if its perfect work. Getting things done when they are due is the way to keep your supervisors happy in the corporate world.

6. Forget About Multi-Tasking

If you want to do one thing that will instantly upgrade your efficiency in the workplace, then simply forget about multitasking. You are much better off if you forget about stressing yourself out trying to do several things at once. You can avoid time management issues and work-related stress claims by simply pouring forth all your energy on a single task at a time. It is much more efficient to work in this manner.

7. Don’t Bang Your Head Against the Wall

No matter what you are doing, one of the most important keys to productivity is to avoid letting any one task frustrate you. When you are struggling to do something, step away from it for a while. You will find that a break from a problem will often give your mind the space it needs to come to a solution organically. This will help you with stress management in the workplace, helping to prevent you the need to seek out a personal injury lawyer.

It can be challenging when you initially transition from an academic to a corporate environment. If you want to make it easier on yourself, follow these seven tips to become a whiz at time management at work. When your superiors realize that you operate efficiently in the workplace, you will gain a good reputation and quickly climb up the corporate ladder.

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