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What makes a workplace great? What makes a company ‘one of the best places’ to work for? The scenario is not like every employee working at these companies keep ranting about the good things. It is just that these companies offer perks that keeps an employee satisfied more than average conditions. Keep your employees happy and they will take care of your clients! Therefore, a successful business will always keep their clients happy.

Here is a rundown of 7 things that define a good employer:

1. Offers Flexible Working Hours

In this era, employees expect that occasionally they are allowed to work when and where they want. The 9-5 timings are dead. As an employer, if you offer flexi timings and let people work according to their schedule, you will be considered supportive. It is an easy way of attracting great employees.Offering flexible timings gives employees control of their work schedule and shows potential employees that the company values its associates. Anything that has a significant impact on the employees and their ability to maintain a work-life balance is an added advantage to you as a recruiter.

2. Is Communicative

Communication is an important aspect to maintain any relationship. Similarly, to maintain an employer-recruiter relationship communication should be constant. Regularly asking for feedback on workplace culture and practices gives the employer a unique value proposition.Also, constant interaction between managers and peers makes the foundation of any organization strong. You will always notice that an organization with open culture has a greater success rate. Communication makes the difference.

3. Trusts Employees

To create a healthy and dynamic workplace:

  •  Employers trust employees for successful business partnerships and growth of the company
  • Team leaders trust their team to help them make fruitful decisions and support the business as well as the customers
  • Colleagues regard each other as family and look up to each other in times of need

Employers can show their trust by implying suggestions made by their team. They should motivate and appreciate their employees often. Employers should let their employees know that they are proud of the people associated with them.

4. Maintains Transparency

An organization where leaders are open about the successes as well difficulties have greater value of employee satisfaction. Leaders in good organizations seek feedback on financial, operational or administrative issues.The upper management of employers with transparency are approachable and accessible to every level employee.For a healthy working environment, transparency is important. 

5. Gives Opportunities to Learn and Grow

Having a stagnant job role is one of the major reasons organizations find it difficult to retain employees. People look out for opportunities to take the next move in their career ladder. If the employer gives them the opportunity to learn and grow, they would be happy to stay. Monetary benefits also matter, but growth is one important factor.Work environments that promote learning are attractive to employees. Where there is growth, there is innovation, and this is a breeding ground for more positive and refreshing perspectives towards the business and co-workers.

6. Stands for Something That is Beyond Simply Increasing Profits

A good workplace inspires its employees. It provides services or creates products that make a difference in the outside world so that its employees can derive a sense from their work. It also enhances the feel good factor about the organization.Helping the society or successfully taking care of corporate social responsibility, infuses a sense of pride in the employees.

7. Satisfies Monetarily

An important aspect of any job is the remuneration offered by the employer. The numbers sure make a difference but if the organization has added incentive to offer, the employees are attracted to stay. If you do not pay well, you cannot be defined as a great employer.A good, fair and up to the mark pay would give you an edge in the market that a number of benefits that you offer would not. Hence, it is important to study the market value for a position and experience level and then make an offer. Your offer should be attractive enough that the candidate is willing to take forward instantly.


Great cultures begin with the vision of a passionate believer. The continual attention of everyone from the CEO to middle and entry level workers opens door for growth, transparency and others. In order to have an above average performance management, employers need to create great workplaces. After a satisfactory pay, good opportunities to learn and grow is a popular trait that candidates look out for in their potential employers.

Defining a great employer is not difficult. A good employer is an organization who treats its employees well and makes them an important part. An employee who feels a part of the organization delivers best for the growth of the company.

Author Bio:

Akansha Arora is a professional writer and blogger who loves to pen down her views on a number of topics that interest a reader. She writes keeping in mind the current scenarios and wishes to keep her readers well informed.G+:, LinkedIn:,Twitter: @AkanshaArora21