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It’s never easy being in charge even if you are at the top. Being in charge of employees is especially difficult. A manager has to be responsible for training new staff, handling unpleasant situations and still keeping a happy workforce.

One of the most daunting tasks, however, is probably looking for ways to keep your star employees motivated. It can be easy to dump all your problems on a few people that seem to be able to handle anything but this usually turns out for the worse with the most efficient employees burning out, or worse, leaving your company.
In order to avoid such fiascos, a few steps to consider have been compiled:

1. Single Out Your Star Employee

The first step is actually working out which employee is worth keeping. No one who’s in charge should assume that their star employee is the one who does flashy presentations or is an expert at buttering up the authorities.Managers often have to take a closer look at who is actually doing the work and keeping operations running smoothly.

2. Reward Them With Money

Monetary benefits are welcome to just about everyone, but what if your star employees are earning quite a bit already? In such cases, a symbol of recognition, such as a salary increment, can be an appreciative gesture that motivates the best workers to do their best. Alternatively, star employees can be put in charge of their weaker peers, giving them the responsibility and leadership that they might crave.

4. Keep Tabs On Their Needs

Do your best employees find organizing a rally or event fulfilling? Or maybe they would prefer to make a creative brochure, write a blog about the company, or travel a bit to promote your business? A meeting might be held to determine which top employee wants to work at a project that satisfies him.

5. Simplify Their Tasks

Make the employees write down their daily tasks and encourage them to think about how they can go about their day more efficiently, quickly and productively. Keep simplifying tasks until they can’t be broken down anymore.

6. Give Them Professional Freedom

Just because tasks have been done in a certain way doesn’t mean that it’s the best or only way to do it. Sometimes, employers or managers will hold on to redundant rules or protocols that are actually counterproductive, thereby de-motivating their employees and risking failures. Loosening up a bit and allowing star employees some space to do things in a better, more beneficial manner could actually enhance work experience as well as improve output.For example, a teacher might be allowed to skip the topics that he feels are redundant for his students, allowing him to focus more on topics that would be of more interest.

7. Acknowledge Their Performance

Positive words and feedback should never be underestimated. An employer might easily forget to praise the worthy employees, especially with the many decisions and difficulties he is presented with every day. However, just a few words of encouragement can bolster a high-performing employee’s spirits even more than a few extra bucks.

Star employees are a rare breed, and they need to be kept happy and motivated. If they leave your organization, it is a loss of your organization and a gain of your competitor.To avoid the brain drain in your organization, you need to provide your star employees an environment that can open up their professional horizons. This will benefit both you and the worker and it will contribute to the success of your company.

Author Bio:-
Katey Martin is an HR Manager at –Buy Essay Organization. She made her blogging debut last year and has written plenty of write-ups on HR management practices, business trends, education, and career. She loves traveling and watching movies. You can reach her through Twitter, Google+ and Facebook.