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It was a fun-filled holiday while it lasted, but now it’s time to head back to the office. All that fun of travelling, dining out and playing outdoor games has now come to a stop. But the timing is a killjoy as you were just getting used to the thrills and excitement.That entire buzz has now been swept away by the sounds of the office bells. The reality has left you with a saddened heart. But you can’t go to your office feeling demotivated.That is where this article comes in as we present here 8 of the best tips to zip those blues away from interfering with your job.

1. Return A Day Early

You may want an extra day to yourself, but we would appreciate it if you could take that day to get readjusted back home. We would suggest you to come back on a Saturday instead of a Sunday to catch up with your laundry, sleep off the jet-lag and get a few hours work on a Sunday night.

2. Realize The Importance Of Being Present

If you turn up with a holiday mindset, it could cause problems at your workplace. For instance, you won’t be able to concentrate on your tasks, forget your appointments as well as the names of the new clients. If some of your colleagues and bosses are in the same boat, you could get some pass, but not for long. You need to convince your mind that you had a great weekend and you’re ready to get back to work.

3. Turn On Out-Of-Office Responders

If you don’t wish to be bombarded with endless emails when you return to the office, then you had better turn off the out-of-office responders. You have to explain how long you plan to be gone and how they can contact you for their immediate needs.

4. Tidy Up Your Office

There is a good chance that when you get back to your office, you will find untidy files, desks and dust bunnies all over the place. So you should try to spend the rest of your morning in cleaning your office space.You can also clean out your inbox of any spam emails or advertisements and electronic files that use up too much RAM.

5. Indulge In Fitness Activities

Exercise does not only help you build muscles, but it also helps you relieve from stress. Whether you decide to take a trip to the gym or go for a simple walk or jog, it will all be good for your health as well as improve your focus at work.

6. Don’t Tackle Your Work All At Once

When you leave for a holiday, it means that you have to put away a week or two’s work. But you shouldn’t try and get to all of it at once since it will lead to severe stress.Rather, you should try to map out one or two things that you wish to do each day and you will feel more at ease.

7. Review Your Calendar

Since you have been away for some time, you will need to review your calendar in order to catch up with the rest of your work. You need to get an idea of the upcoming due dates, meetings, projects and other concerns. It is wise to prepare for the days ahead so you don’t get caught off-guard.

8. Remove Unnecessary Distractions

Anyone can have a habit of texting on their phones quite often or looking at their social media status. Unfortunately, it will get in the way of your work. So the most logical course of action would be to cut down on those distractions.

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