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It is without a doubt that social media has benefited us in many ways and  has become an important part of our lives. But you must not forget that it has the capability to ruin one’s professional career too. So if you have recently jumped into your professional life then make sure you stay away from the hazardous outcomes of social media.

In the beginning of your professional career, confine all your efforts in performing well. This practice will help you stay away from social media blunders.Here is a list of some of the biggest social media blunders not to make in order to not ruin one’s professional career - make sure you avoid them in order to keep your job.

1. Sharing Vulgar Photos On Company’s Page

This is a common mistake that results in many people losing their jobs right at the beginning of their professional career. Keep in mind that the social media pages of companies are to share something informative for all the employees only; avoid sharing any vulgar photos there.

2. Complaining About Job

This is another social media blunder which many fresh employees do. You must avoid this as it can greatly ruin your career. Many employees think that their managers will not find it, but this is not necessarily the truth. If you are among those employees then get ready to lose your job.

3. Sharing Company’s Every Insight With Friends

You have to keep in mind that once you get the job then it is your responsibility not to reveal any insight of your company to anyone, so make sure you do not do that on social media.

4. Making Fun Of Your Own Boss

Keep in mind that nothing remains unnoticed on all the social media platforms, so do not make fun of your boss or overall team online. If your boss finds that on social media, it is likely he will fire you from the company immediately.

5. Posting On Social Media With Poor Writing Skills

Whenever you post anything on social media, so make sure it does not have grammatical mistakes as it may go against you; your boss may assume that you even do not have basic writing skills. That may become your reason to lose your job.

6. Raising The Religious Conflict On Social Media

This is one of the most hazardous things to do on social media and being a responsible person you must avoid it. If you contribute to raising religious conflict on social media, you may not only lose your job, but you could create countless problems for yourself. So make sure you avoid this sort of hazardous practice on social media.

7. Raising Racism Through Different Posts On Social Media

Another hazardous practice is promoting racism online. Keep in mind that at the workplace, you will come across employees from different countries and cultures. 

8. Sharing That You Are Finding A New Job

You must understand that although you may be in the process of looking for a new job, you should not reveal it on social media platforms. It can badly affect your professional career in many ways, and your manager could fire you soon after he goes through your post on social media.

Author Bio:-

Jasmine Demeester is a Community Manager at a Dissertation Writing Service. With flair in blogging and social media, she never misses an opportunity to write on interesting topics.