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There are a number of reasons why you have to challenge yourself and this article will shed some light on it. In essence, we challenge ourselves in order to understand our limitations and to see how we can improve on that.

1. It Helps Our Small-Term Goals Come True

By challenging ourselves constantly, we avoid laziness. This therefore allows us to focus more on our work, getting it done sooner. This method lets us focus on our small-term goals, which later influence us on how we can handle the larger ones.

2. It Allow Us To Focus

Challenging yourself will allow you to get rid of unwanted distractions and clutter, thus letting you focus more on your work. Set up a schedule for your work and organize the tasks you have set in place.

3. It Enables Us To Get Motivated

Challenging our own self is the same as motivating. When we face those challenges, we become bolder and take up even more challenges. The courage and spirit that resides within us will gush out like a water fountain.

4. It Makes Us Grow As An Individual

You will learn more about yourself when you go out to face the world and all the obstacles that lay in front of you. You discover more and more about your limitations as well as what you are good at. You will also grow more as a person when you engage in introspective thinking.It means that you will learn to be more humble, sharp, gentle and considerate.

5. It Empowers You To Gain More Knowledge And Skills

Your knowledge and skills will increase greatly as you challenge yourself more. It is only logical and natural that you look for something else that will bring you satisfaction and joy. You will discover some skills you never even knew you had before. As Steve Jobs once said; "Stay hungry. Stay foolish." The more we learn, the more we grow.

6. It Triggers Change

Change is part of our everyday life. But it does not mean that you opt for things that are immoral or medically hazardous. It just means that you have to change for the better. Learn from your mistakes on what brought people to tears and pain and try to correct yourself in that regard.

7. It Enables You To Stay Organized

Challenges serve as a pedestal to help us get many of the things on our list is done with. It also helps us to complete them on time so that we don’t end up regretting it later on. If we follow an organized or a planned lifestyle, we will be happier and less stressful.

8. It Helps You Save Money

Saving money can be a challenge, especially when we want to spend it all on the latest gadgets, songs, and movies and so on. You will only end up wanting something more and more as time goes by. But ask yourself this; “Do I really need this”? It will help you save more and on things that are emergency-based.

9. You Are Able To Seek Inspiration And Being More Creative

How do you think the best artists, authors and film directors in the world stay so creative all the time in what they do? That was a trick question of course. They go out to experience new things, challenging themselves along the way, and exploring as much as they want to find whatever gets their innovative cogs moving. That is what you should do as well.

Author Bio:-

Lauren Ebsary is an Educator, Creative writer, and Blogger. She focuses her assignment writing on life philosophy, self-motivation, and personal grooming. You can follow her on Google Plus, Facebook, and Twitter.