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Although I'm not one to often look back, I started in February 2013 with the intention of writing a weekly blog on courage in the workplaces.  With a week to go, now is a great opportunity to review the year.

The year started with thoughts on courage, leading to a practical and topical example of how the Pope’s retirement can demonstrate courage in action.

I then spent the next couple of months on whistleblowing – how it is an extreme example of courage in action and how organizations can alter their culture to make ‘whistle-blowing’ (bad connotations) into ‘employee voice’ (good connotations). 

Back to practical examples of workplace courage in action including leadership bought to summer when I introduced a series of leading articles on learning from the Amish, workplace courage index, cowardice and my favourite concept – 20 seconds of insane courage.

The end of the year bought practical applications, technical blogs and the odd example or three, including a story.

As we look forward towards 2014, I ask that you reflect on the underlying appeal and emotive aspects of courage, and wish you all a merry Christmas and your own ’20 seconds of insane courage’.