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Riding the career ladder is important. And, who does not want to take the next step. There can be times of low where your productivity suffers, but even with that you want to see the advancing career paths and increasing pay checks can be quite a motivation. Right?

If you are at a stage of life where you feel that things are stagnating, there are chances that you are making some office mistakes without even realizing. These work place habits can destroy your professional reputation and can lead to a disturbing career path. If you are making any of these mistakes, stop there and you can bring back your career path in place in no time.

1. Staying Alone

Being social and getting work done might not be handy at least if you have a lot on your plate and need to manage your time. You might feel that you need to work through coffee breaks and lunches instead of accompanying your office mates. Additionally, you might think that there is no need to get close to someone that you might not be related professionally very closely.

Though all of your reasons are noble, you might be pushing yourself away from the rest. And, this would not work in your favour. To be liked by your co-workers is something that you should work on. So the next time there is a celebration, be sure to make time for a slice of cake. You might want to take a step forward and volunteer. Make time for your team and they will have time for and your ideas.

Sounds like a win-win situation?

2. The “End of the Day Time”

It is Friday evening and you have a plan waiting for you just after office. How are you utilizing this time? Just running the clock? Checking the e-mails several times, chatting unnecessarily with your colleagues but there is nothing productive coming out seriously. This can happen usually with your end of the time and soon this time starts to add up. If you are someone who does not want to start something new in the evening, you can plan your next day morning, get things sorted, organize your to-do-list, or simply clean your desk.

This away you are not blowing off the time and coming out productive. It is important that you take this time seriously to come up with a serious upward career graph.

3. A lot of Gossip

Workplace is a place where rumours travel more than the speed of light. Though most of the times these rumours have nothing to do with the real work. You might talk about the bonding benefits, but the other side of the effects rules this benefit as well.

You may find it difficult to avoid talking or hearing about rumours that are picked up at office. But, simply stating that you do not interest would stop the gossip there and at the same time will make the other person realize what incorrect they are doing. If this does not work, try with:

• That’s bad! Anyways what happened about your house search?

• I would love to chat but there is a lot on my to-do-list

• Weird! There is no way it is true!

Simply find ways either to end the conversation or change the topic.

4. Sharing Too Much Information

No not about a project or its details. Here sharing too much information holds for your personal life. Making friends is a good thing at work. It helps you survive the difficult times and gives you positivity. But, you do not have to go ahead and share your darkest secrets of all times. You should know where to draw a line. Had a good holiday? Share your experience. Fought with your spouse? Avoid mentioning it.

5. The Attitude

Sharing personal life problems at work makes you look unprofessional. With that always being negative about your work and work place can be worse. Also save yourself from passing any sarcastic comments. Keep yourself from gaining a reputation of a complainer and hold back your own promotion.

Be the problem solver and with every problem that you face, find a solution. This way not only you will be recognised but also shine out among others. When you do not have a solution, calm yourself with a break (music, coffee or walk).

It is not just enough to complete the everyday job. Show your love and effectiveness towards the job by eliminating these habits and keeping a positive attitude all through. Whenever you feel you are falling in the negatives, take a deep breath and push yourself towards the positive aspect of work.

Author Bio

Akansha Arora is a professional writer and blogger who loves to pen down her views on a number of topics that interest a reader. She writes keeping in mind the current scenarios and wishes to keep her readers well informed. You can follow her on