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Many powerful presentation tools have been designed during the last few years for teachers to use within the classroom to teach students in such a way that improve their learning experience. GOOGLE Presentation, Keynote, Haiku Deck are a few powerful presentation tools but in this article I will present some more tools, including Swipe, Prezi and FlowVella. These are powerful and helpful online presentation platforms with outstanding features to improve student learning experience and outcomes while improving quality of teaching. Teachers can use these tools to craft visually and engaging presentations by integrating plain text, images and photos, videos, PDFs, and a wide-ranging multimedia content.


Swipe is a most commonly used presentation tool. This is a powerful and smart tool through which teachers can upload their presentations with ease and make a new as well and share them live with the entire class. This tool has an interactive feature through which teachers can easily poll and accumulate feedback from students in real-time. By using Swipe, teachers can upload their content, whether in any format and any size of the content, such as a PDF file.


Prezi is also an online presentation tool, which has extraordinary features that assist to craft highly engaging and eye-catching presentations. Teachers can create online presentations to share them with students via a link. Prezi can also be used by teachers as a collaboration tool because a teacher can share it with his/her group/colleagues who can also edit the presentation in real time. While engaging in a Prezi meeting, maximum 10 members of a group can make modifications in a Prezi-based presentation, and this approach provides you with assistance in brainstorming your ideas.


FlowVella is also a powerful presentation platform. By using this presentation tool in their classrooms, teachers can craft highly interactive presentation slides to share them with their students. This tool also has many templates for teachers to use including video-based presentations, image-based presentations, report-based presentations, and so on. Teachers can integrate multimedia content by simply dragging and dropping them, whether this content is a simple text, video, photo, etc., from any cloud based service, like Google Drive and Dropbox, right into their Flows. Further, this tool has a feature of functioning offline. It suggests that there is no need to connect with Internet to craft presentations.

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Rosealvin is a Project Manager in UK Based writing firm which provide to the students. Rosealvin completed her master in business administration and writing her experience from four years.