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After years of recession followed by slow growth, the emergence of a real recovery in the UK economy has been good news, but it has brought businesses new challenges.

The challenge facing bosses now is to recruit in a way that enables the company to make the most of the better economic climate. However, that means getting in the right staff at all levels.

Much of the focus is on the needs of firms as they seek people with basic skills that are often in short supply. Indeed, SMEs suffer a lot from this, a new study by the Centre for Economics and Business Research and online lender Everline has revealed, with the extra time and effort searching for staff or training existing workers costing them a collective £18 billion.

If that much is lost by small firms, it follows that skill shortages in larger companies will bring a collective loss of a much greater size.

One way of tackling this lies in business development recruitment, often known as BD recruitment. Managers in this area are particularly valuable, as their skills are vital for helping firms plan for the future.

Writing for Personnel Today, ORC International consultant Lindsey Armstrong noted that the growing skills shortage brought about by a shrinking pool of available labour is likely to pose increasing challenges for enterprises, both in terms of recruitment and retention.

For this reason, BD recruitment is vital, as there can be little doubt that the key to developing businesses in the current climate is ensuring the skill levels of those employed by a firm stay as high as possible. Only by doing this can plans for business development push a company on to make greater profits, increase productivity and thus enhance their positions as recruiters by being able to offer larger salaries.

Moreover, when business development managers appreciate the importance of helping existing staff raise their own skill levels through career development, they take the biggest and most important step towards staff retention, as they can offer people a chance to move up the career ladder within a company, rather than to look outside the company for opportunities to move onwards and upwards.

So by making sure the business development recruitment side of a company is working well, enterprises will give themselves the very best chance of meeting the challenges of the contemporary labour market.

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