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Finding the perfect career is a monumental task that requires persistence, commitment and courage. Although unemployment figures are rising and competition is growing, today’s modern job market continuously creates new opportunities across all career fields. These emerging job types require all levels of seniority and offer potential careers to everyone from fresh graduates to senior workers. One of these new markets is the emerging esports industry that is built around competitive video games played online. Esports games are streamed live across the world to thousands of online viewers, and this niche market is quickly becoming one of the most lucrative industries internationally.

The esports industry offers both traditional career roles and new roles that are created as cooperating markets merge for better efficiency. Typical career choices in the industry include finance and marketing careers to oversee sponsorships and develop business strategies to meet industry demands. Management roles are required for community building both in real life and online, while coaching jobs are necessary to guide competing teams and individual players alike. The industry has even created room for warehouse management roles, production oversight and merchandising advisors, as well as social media managers and marketing associates.

The technological nature of esports generates a growing demand for technical roles including game developers and designers, software engineers, mobile developers and even technicians. Jobs in the arts are also required for roles such as apparel design, 2D and 3D booth planning at live events and the creation of in-game animations. Even career types such as translation and interpretation services are required to address the complexity of worldwide games with competitors from all cultures who speak different languages. Entertainment roles are required for job types such as commentators, show hosts and reporters to cover live games and player interviews.

The various job types found throughout the esports industry are often overlooked, largely due to the stigma that esports is suitable only for professional gamers and video game enthusiasts. Nevertheless, the industry continues to expand while working cooperatively with an increasing number of multi-national corporations such as Coca-Cola, Redbull and even ESPN. The many career opportunities available within the esports job market offer possibilities of international travel and exposure to the newest technologies worldwide. The industry often allows for flexible and part-time hours, with many companies offering both internships and remote work.  Additional benefits include a competitive salary and the chance to become a part of an exciting industry that is projected to generate revenues of over $1.5 billion USD by the year 2020.

This expanding market is ready to welcome new players in every career type from managers, artists and financiers to gamers, engineers and even entrepreneurs. Be courageous and start exploring the ever-growing esports industry – aside from a high-paying salary and amazing benefits, you’ll become part of an exciting industry that’s certain to change the structure of the future job market.  Online gaming remains an active, interactive community and regardless of your age, it’s never too late to join the crowd and share your knowledge in a new field that offers exciting opportunities for career growth and development.

Author Bio:

Marcus is the community and content manager at who design and build custom gaming PC’s, CAD workstations and desktop computers.