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I’m sitting here, a day late in publishing my blog, feeling a bit sore (neck problems) and tired (I was running a workshop in Germany late last week), and trying hard to get started.  I really don’t want to be bothered.

What better topic to write about?

The ‘can’t be bothered’ feeling is the enemy of courage (and a lot of other things).  It is right up there with ‘it’s not my problem’ and ‘I’m sure I misunderstood’.

We all get these feelings.

How do we work through them?

We all have our favourite techniques;

• Take a break and come back and look at the issue / event with fresh eyes (I’ve done that already – it didn’t do it for me this time)
• Break the issue / event into smaller, more manageable sizes (this seems to be working for me at the moment)
• Draw strength from the passion that drew you to the issue / event – remember what’s important to you and why (this one always works for me)
• Relate the issue / event to the broader context – what would happen if you didn’t respond to it? (Not hitting my buttons this time).

Whatever approach you use, recognise that you are human and not a machine – we all have our frailties, our good times and bad.  Don’t be too self-critical.

Until next week….