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When organisations are unable to predict the future, they have to rely upon employees who are prepared to step out of their job descriptions and identify issues and opportunities, share better practices, take risks, believe in the organisation and want it to be successful.

Courage is the competency that allows employees to act differently from what has been done in the past or from what are accepted ‘norms’. However, employees who act or behave differently risk being socially excluded or ostracised from their workgroup or the organisation.

Courageous employees are prepared to act in a way that is unlike the past and recognise that they are taking personal (social) risks in doing so. However, they base their decisions and draw strength from commonly held values and goals and pursue a greater good by doing ‘the right thing’.

Workplaces who support and encourage their employees to be courageous typically have higher levels of innovation, employee engagement, productivity, customer satisfaction, and profitability.

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