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For continuous development and progress to be a routine and norm in a firm, there is the necessity and need for a courageous culture in place. In this case, we will look into what fosters a courageous culture in a firm and the importance of having and maintaining the courageous culture.

Ingredients of a courageous firm

Many firms are faced with various challenges at times, and one of their greatest fears is the fear of being faced with losses instead of profits. To overcome these problems, the only way is to replace it with a courageous culture. A courageous culture is inculcated in place by having the best leadership in place. It entails a superior who can direct, motivate and encourage those who are under their leadership. This is by creating numerous opportunities for the employees to exploit their talent and skills and provide them with support, an environment where courageous culture is sustainable.

Employees will take more risks

A courageous culture in a firm enables the firm to expand its activities having taken risks to get where they are. Therefore, employees should also be able to learn from their pioneers and be empowered in the end. Having a cordial relationship with the employee fosters a courageous culture amongst the members since they will be able to learn from their success and mistakes. When there is enough freedom, employees in the firm will not fear risking or trying something new. They will not fear failing and condemnation from their managers. To add on, they will be free to give out their opinion on how things are run. Some benefits of taking risks include:

- Improved productivity
- Employees will suggest new business ideas
- The business will emerge as unique

Rewarding employees

Rewarding extraordinary performances and brave behaviors by employeesencourage the creation of a courageous culture in the firm. This should not necessarily be in terms of being raised from a junior position to a senior but can be in terms of a congratulating note from the employer or even recognizing the employees’ efforts in board meetings and encouraging the rest to follow his or her steps. The firm can use several rewarding mechanisms such as;

- Performance appraisals
- Bonuses
- Team meetings

Align moral and vital courage

Lastly, the alignment of vital courage and moral courage will encourage a courageous culture in a firm. Vital courage involves taking risks that many of your fellow employees fear taking. Doing extraordinary things from the rest of your fellow colleagues’ work, for example, doing overtime to give best results and accomplish tasks assigned.Clearly, this improves the firm’s business and profits. On the other hand, moral courage, for example, involves deciding to help a fellow employee even if you have not accomplished your work then doing it at your own extra time. These kinds of behaviors are special and extraordinary.

Author Bio: The writer of this article is Michael Green, who is an accomplished business strategist and advisor for Fortune 500 companies in New York. Michaelbelieves that organizational culture is the basis for success. He is also do work for - Write My Essay in his free time.