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No business individual in any position doubts the fact that employee motivation is the key to success in a business. The productivity and business benefits everything is linked with the employee motivation. A lot has been written on the topic of how to keep employees motivated but the “DON’TS” of this topic have merely been discussed.

There are certain things that you should do to keep the working staff and operations officers or sales staff motivated but more than that you should learn what to avoid and what not to do that can take down the motivation level down to null or zero.

Sometimes you don’t have to do much to keep the employees motivated but a lot has to be done to secure their motivation level and take measures to not let that level get down at all. So the strategy that we shall discuss in this write up basically emphasizes on what not to do to keep your work force motivated.

Never underestimate.

There are some departments in every business who happen to be the backbone of the business and they are the ones who have all the sales responsibilities and key customer accounts. Don’t underestimate their importance in any way either by not recognizing their value or by preferring others over them.To avoid this hassle you simply need to work on an agenda. Analyze and evaluate every worker or employee under his individual circumstances and never compare one with another. This will not only result in a wrong analysis but will also shatter the current performance of a worker.

Stop unjust favors openly.

Everyone in a business environment closely monitors the treatment differences. If a loyal and persistent employee finds out that someone has been favored over him just because he has good personal relation with the HR or admin then this would take down his motivation level to null in seconds. A relaxation for someone at a certain point may be valid but can be demotivating for others.

Don’t be an annoying officer or manager.

If you happen to be one of the managers or HR officers then your role in the company is to keep people motivated and satisfied by resolving their concerns. You need to get the company the best productivity out of these resources and if these people don’t rely on you as a rigid support then your objective mentioned above can never be possible for you.

Everybody in the office needs to know that we have a higher management that listens to us and are always dedicated to resolve our concerns. Until the management and top class managers have that image or posture before the staff a lot of employees will remain demotivated for several reasons.

Don’t leak business secrets.

The most common problem in an organization that causes demotivation is the inappropriate way of communication. Something about the performance of a department that was discussed behind closed doors should not be leaked outside. When this becomes a common practice then fallacies start to speculate and people do it purposely to demotivate others. The trends in an office will determine the environment there.

Author’s Bio:-

Andrew Davies Has been an operations manager himself and has seen all the dimensions of employee motivation. He has been a consultant on both professional and educational levels. His opinion counts a lot for students in regard of dissertation help.