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When your employees wake up in the morning, what is one thing that drives them to work? That makes them beat the traffic and come to work as early as possible? Is it the money that they get at the end of the month, or that never-ending job satisfaction and status they receive from working in the company you are managing. For every individual the trigger to continue working and excel called motivation is unique and must understandably be treated as one. If you as a manager want to motivate his employees, then there is no one thing that should be done in order to achieve that. Motivating your employees is much more than crediting the salaries of their accounts towards the end of the month. Because if you treat this as your only weapon, then the 31st of the month will be the only day, your employees will be motivated, the rest of the month it’ll be a tireless and lethargic journey finding excuses not to be productive enough.

This is why keeping your employees motivated throughout the month and working weeks is crucial, because de-motivated employees are almost equal to having no workforce because they will eventually contribute nothing to your organization. Managers must ensure they use the right mix of different rewards and positive reinforcements to keep their teams motivated and passionate to come to work and be productive. We are going to talk about four different tools that managers can keep in their arsenal to motivate their staff.

Exemplary Leadership and Drive

One thing that can drive your team to great lengths is a great leader. An exemplary leader, who your employees idolize and like to follow, can be just the tonic for your team to get motivated. If your employees do not like their leader, they will always be de-motivated to work. So exemplary leadership that can drive the entire team to work is something that can put the right foundations of motivation amongst your organization’s workforce. Trust is another trait that comes from exemplary leaders, and when your leadership has the trust of the team, everyone thrives like running horses.

New roles and relevance

Every employee after a certain point wants a role enhancement, they might not recognize themselves, but new roles and relevance is something that can motivate anyone easily. So during the appraisal it is advisable that you work on enhancing the role of your employees from what they have been previously doing to something more. Also, it is important to keep the relevance in place, your employees might want an extended role, but they might not want a total chance in their job description.

Proving in the organization

This particular aspect of the employees of proving their worth to the organization is a new addition as the Gen Y starts to take up the work places. A manager giving the opportunity to employees of proving their skills and capacity to the organization motivates them than anything else.

Surprising rewards

Who doesn’t like a reward an appreciation every now and then, keeping this practice of surprisingly rewarding your employees is something that will fascinate all of your employees.

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