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Without showing courage, no one can be competent enough to perform in his dark times. He or she has to speak out and has to show some innovation to deal with the things around him. Courage, speaking out and innovation makes a pyramid of success for anyone especially for the people who are earning their bread in the organizations. Whether they are managers or the employees, these things are even more important for them because without adding these traits in their personality, neither they will get something out from their efforts nor their organization.

In the next lines of this blog, I am going to discuss every of the traits written above in detailed that will give you an idea that what outcomes the companies can get just by helping the managers or employees to be more courageous, or to speak out, or to innovate?


Helping managers or employees to be more courageous doesn’t mean to allow them to say whatever they want. There are many things which the lower level staff doesn’t know, and by breeding courage in them, they could start talking about the things which they don’t know. Organizations should help their employees to be more courageous, but less whistleblowers. No organization would like to see their employees talking about something wrong with their company to any external body like media and regulatory authorities. Such fears stop companies from promoting such culture where everyone can speak their mind out. This is the collaborative responsibility of the organization and the employee to understand and use his courage in a positive way for personal and company growth. Below are some of the benefits that a courageous employee can provide to its company.

 Involvement: Courageous employees are keener to take an interest in almost everything of the organization. They like to ask questions and to get involved in everything that creates a very friendly environment in the office. It is important to keep the workplace environment-friendly, so you don’t have to face high employee turnover.

 Agile: The more employee or the manager get involved in the company, the more he would become agile. The organizations who trained their employees to be courageous, they become flexible and adapt every new thing. The employee doesn’t wait for the manager to assign him the task, he just asks for it. He starts building his knowledge on his own and spread it to his co-workers without thinking about his job security.

 Ambassador: Courageous organizations make their employees into their brand ambassador. The employee start taking ownership of the company and start doing more for it

Speak out:

There are very few companies who dare to train their employees to speak out and accept all their bad or good reviews. But it has many advantages also. An organization which is open to its staff can only show some openness to its customers too. Employees are the one who creates the product. Employees also market it that is why if a brand wants to make sure to create a positive personality of their product in their customer’s minds, they have to create the same in their employee’s minds first. However, there is a huge difference in speaking out positively and speaking out negatively. Below are some of the points through which an organization can make their employees speak out positively.

 Communicate: Make sure to talk with the employee regularly. Talk to him and make honest and open conversation with him.

 Rewards: Rewards are another way to make your employee speak up. These rewards can vary from appreciation letters to solid cash incentives.

 Criticize, but Constructively: When you are dealing some serious matters and an employee made any mistake, be careful while criticizing him on that. Choose your words wisely because one wrong word can affect his overall performance and a company can lose an excellent resource because of it.

 Together Each Achieve More: Build a consensus in your team and encourage them to work as a team, not in the individual capacity. Divide your employ according to the project, not according to the department. This will not only reduce the communication gap between the departments but also will help to create a healthy competition between the project teams.


The innovation is directly proportional to the attitude of senior management. If the senior management is open and believes in trying new solutions instead of the traditional one, it will automatically transfer to the lower level management and staff. An employee cannot show his innovative skills until he doesn’t find a sign of courage to defend him in his managers, or his CEO doesn’t have any vision to try new things and defend it in front of the board.

Being innovative in work is the need of the hour for businesses when the market is getting saturated with lots of creative ideas and new business. That is why it is important to promote innovation among the employees so they can enhance their problem-solving capability. Below are some of the examples to inspire innovation in the employees so they can touch the new heights of the success.

 Make them feel their worth: Whenever your employee says something to you or share his idea, always listen to him and get him to feel that you give importance to him. This will make him happy, and according to a study, happiness makes men 12% more productive. And a manager can enhance his employee productivity 12% more just by listening to him for a minute.

 Keep afraid and weird apart: One of the most common issue that an employee's face is the fear of being weird. He or she doesn’t share his view or opinion just because he thought he would sound weird. Being a manager, it is his duty to keep his employee fearless and give them enough confidence to speak up and defend their idea in front of top management.

 Celebrate: You don’t have to celebrate only the victories. Sometimes celebrating the lost can be an effective way to encourage the employee to keep doing new things and keep innovating his ideas.


To make your employee or manager courageous, innovative or to make him speak up is the trait of the top organizations like Google and Facebook. Start disseminate these seeds in the soil of your employees and just wait to enjoy the fruit of your seed.

Author Bio:

Robert Fletcher is a motivational speaker and a renowned blogger for his ideas on the modern business tactics. After his Master’ degree from Stanford University, he has been associated with many blogging websites to provide research paper writing service and motivational speaking sessions around the world.