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Finding a quality freelancer that knows what they are doing can be tricky in today’s market. For one, everyone with a stable internet connection and a few moments of their time can tell you that they are experts in the field. These so-called subject matter experts will always be available and provide adequate help should you need it.
For other, you are placing your trust in someone you have never met before and expect that the person will help you with your school or academic writing without failing you. A subject matter expert is, as the name suggests, someone with high knowledge of their industry and field of writing expertise – in this case, education industry. So how can you find an expert and make sure they are what they claim to be when it comes to education industry writing?

Checking social media platforms

A good way to start your search for an education industry expert writer is to check social media platforms. Anyone who writes academic papers in general is bound to have a way of communicating with their biggest source of income. This is due to the fact that many young people use Facebook or LinkedIn to connect with their friends and acquaintances on a daily basis.

What better way for an expert writer to find clients than to use social media? Look for people with a high degree of engagements on their pages. People who write papers are bound to have dedicated social media profiles just for that purpose. Using personal information on a professional page can be seen as unprofessional and turns off a lot of students in need of help.

Verifying credentials

It’s very easy to fake a couple of credentials and call it a day. This is what many fake and amateur writers do in order to attract a crowd and make a living. While it may not last long, it lasts just enough for them to take a couple of student’s money and disappear without a trace.

Checking the credentials of anyone you consider as your thesis writer is an essential part of making sure that you are getting your money’s worth. You can start by doing a simple reverse Google search and looking for keywords associated with the person you are considering.

Searching for their credentials, company name or even personal name on the web and comparing the data you find is a number one priority. Looking for previous student experiences and reviews is also an important part of making sure you have the right person – writers without any student testimonials are suspicious from the get-go.

Establishing communication

Once you are sure that you have found a writer that suits your needs, it’s time to establish proper communication channels with them. This is also a part of making sure they are who they say they are since even credentials can often be faked or conveniently leave out important details. You can amend this by preparing a simple screening test for your writer to make sure they are legitimate and ready to work with you:

  • Ask for an identity proof – while some may be reluctant in doing this, it’s an important step in making sure their profile info matches their real identity
  • Ask about their previous or current affiliation with a writing platform such as – professional educational writers are often hired by these services
  • Ask for a sample of their previous work – something that involves the type of writing you need
  • Ask something about formatting or writing that particular type of paper – if they are indeed an educational expert, they will know what you are talking about
  • Finally, ask them about their pricing model and delivery time before committing to anything – you never know how much a dissertation can cost from someone you have just met

Testing their abilities

Testing the abilities of your writer will be an important part of your cooperation – after all, you want to make sure that you get what you really need. You can send them a simple test assignment that wouldn’t take more than 15 minutes of their time if they are really an expert.

Once their sample paper is ready, make sure that you read it according to the instructions you previously gave them. Their style of writing has to correspond to your own if you were writing a dissertation yourself.
Testing their abilities in this way will ensure that they are never relaxed and always focused on what they are doing. After all, you are weighing your academic success on the shoulders of an educational writing expert – they are bound to deliver on what you have agreed on if they are who they say they are.

Feedback and review

One of the most difficult lessons that every student needs to learn is that it’s okay to give feedback as long as it’s constructive. Your writer may not understand what you are looking for exactly. They might write a paper for you only to later find out that it’s something else than what you initially asked for. Giving your writer constant feedback throughout the writing process is an essential part of getting what you are looking for in the end.

Reviewing the entirety of your paper will also be an important part of the process since the writer will always ask for feedback and approval from you as their client. This is the part of the process that requires objectivity and professionalism. Paying what you have agreed on is just as fair as you receiving a written paper from an unknown education industry writer that you may not talk to again.

Finding a writer that clicks with exactly what you are looking for can be stressful. Many alleged experts will offer their services to you but fail you in the end because you have both missed the mark when it comes to finding a partner.

Be careful who you work with and don’t be naïve to accept seemingly good offers only to discover you have been duped. The process of having someone else write a paper instead of you is just as exhausting as writing it yourself.

Author Bio:

Leah Thurber is freelance writer and contributor to Best Writing Advisor company. Working as an English teacher in the past she got vast experience in education industry. She helps students to stay motivated and cope with the writing difficulties they have.