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It is not easy to deal with the multiple persons with different mindsets and different attitudes. This is the additional responsibility comes when the word manager gets associated with your job portfolio. Moreover, only those people with good public dealing and problem-solving abilities only get the chance in the good companies to be a better manager and the positions above it. That is why it is important for everyone to know who want to get success in their jobs and want to end their career on the high note.

The bad attitude of the employees creates an anti-productive environment which also effects the productivity of other employees too. Which is a perilous situation for the company because then the overall performance and the culture of competency within the company would die. That is why the ability to deal with the bad attitudes of the employees is important.

In the next lines of this article, you are going to read about the things you can do to deal with the bad attitudes of the employees to keep a good working environment in the office.

Keep the activities of the employees documented:

You have to deal your employees more psychologically than physically. You cannot scream on your employee because it is not a school first and also not according to the practical ethics. The best way to control them is to document everything they do. Keep everything in a notice and write everything in a register which you can call as the register of discipline. It will create a realization among your employee that whatever they are doing is getting noticed by their manager, and they can face the questions from the upper management if their manager reports it to them.

Discuss in privately:

You would not want to look like a school teacher in your office by yelling and scolding your employees on the floor. Moreover, it is not a nice thing to do in the office especially when your upper management keeps an eye on you. The best way to deal your employees in such situation is to take them away in the corner or in a separate room and discuss things with them calmly. Even if they still change their behavior after this, you can always take some serious actions against them. You just have to make sure your authority on your employees or else they will stop respecting you which is really important for every manager.

Keep the financial penalties as your last option:

You must not penalize your employees financially. Your motive should be to keep a healthy working environment in your office and to get maximum productivity from them. By imposing financial penalties on them could destroy their remaining motivation and you can even lose a good resource of work because of it. As a manager, it is your responsibility of solving the problems of your employees whether its about anything. You must find the cause of their negative or wrong attitude in the office. Being a manager, it is your duty to find the cause and try to solve it by taking your employee under confidence that you want to help him. The few words of motivation can do wonders and motivate the employee to keep up its productivity as compared to scolding them in front of all other colleagues of him which will do nothing except increasing the negativity in him.

Do not let your employees reach upper management:

You cannot afford that the politics or the stories of bad attitudes of your team could get to your upper management. It will create a very bad impression of yours on them which can lead to your demotion if it starts getting frequently. You should try to keep things within your team and solve it on the spot before further disturbance. This is not only important for your job but also important for your reputation in the company.

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