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Being a manager is a job in which an individual is responsible for administering or controlling a group of employees in an organization.  THe manager plays a key role in every organization. They have many responsibilities in their job description. They face many challenges on a daily basis. Managers must have skills and qualities in which they know “how to handle and control of their staff in a proper manner”.

In this article, we discuss one the most important manager skills and abilities in how to deal with difficult employees in different situations. Here are most important things that a manager should do with their employees.

• How to listen and understand a difficult employee
• Proper feedback to employees
• Create a proper work description
• Consistent Behavior
• How to monitor and set consequences (when things are not changing)
• Perform responsibilities under the guidelines of company

How to listen and understand a difficult employee

As a manager, you should understand the entire situation. Sometimes difficult employees put their best effort into a particular job but if the results are not positive then the manager should understand the circumstances. At least listen to the problem of difficult employees and then find out the best solution. If a particular employee is making simple mistakes on a regular basis then you must be resolute to resolve the problem.

Proper feedback to a difficult employee

The majority of managers take months or years of complaining regarding bad employees and this is not good. Managers should take clear feedback about what an employee is doing differently. As a manager, it is very difficult to warn someone and respond strictly, but you have a responsibility to give proper feedback at the right time. You must give feedback on a daily or weekly basis to overcome this problem.

Create a proper work description

If an employee asks similar questions on a daily basis then most managers will be frustrated and irritated to tell simple things again and again. As a good manager, you must create a proper working description for a specific employee in which you clearly mention the daily routine work and distribute this note to difficult employees.

Consistent Behavior

Your behavior plays a very important role in different situations. Bad employees have a mind in which they understand a manager's behavior differently e.g. if a difficult employee is not working properly and one time you behave strictly and other time you didn’t behave like that, then this is not a good way to deal with a particular employee. You must have consistent behavior to deliver a proper message to bad employees.

How to monitor and set consequence (when things are not changing)

If a difficult employee performs badly and things don’t change then you must take a big decision with the HR department. Sometimes managers avoid taking these kinds of decisions that are very costly in future.

Perform responsibilities under the guidelines of company

When you are dealing with a difficult employee then you must follow the guidelines of the company. Sometimes managers deal with bad employees differently and not according to the policies of company, and then may be this situation will be going in the favor of bad employee.


In conclusion, all of these are very vital skills that a manager should perform when they are dealing with difficult employees. 


Author Bio
Sarah Jones is a Manager in a UK private company. For the last 5 years, she has worked as a manager. She shares her knowledge and skills with the public. She writes many articles regarding management and HR responsibilities and provides students Assignment help at Done Assignment who want it.