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The notion of modernity understood as an improvement in the living conditions of humankind, has generated an endless number of arguments that establish that technological development will be the panacea of the main problems of today, providing greater social welfare. These arguments fall into a technological determinism based on the idea of "progress" from the leading Coursework writing service. Adding to them, the apocalyptic have arisen, who criticize all technological development. These extreme positions have produced debates about technological development, sometimes forgetting that it does not contain goodness or badness, since it is only an instrument developed by man over time.

Within a capitalist economic system, as the basis of a process of civilizing life called modernity, the development of technology plays an important role within economic life as an instrument of economic activation, growth and development as well as manipulation and control within the Existing social relations, as an instrument of work within the social construction.

In this way, there is a relation between the notions of modernity and capitalism, locating their origins together at the end of the sixteenth century. In addition, the growing importance of technological development within the context of modernity has conceived ideas that Are generated around this development, arising deterministic positions which have generated great confidence in this instrument until you come to propose the so-called techno paradise, and on the other hand apocalyptic positions that reflect to what extent it is possible for social relations to develop such an instrument to subdue and control their peers.

The notion of modernity is often employed in a variety of ways, one of which is the opposition to a "premodern" phase of life, alluding to an idea of the improvement of human conditions. In the same way, it relates importantly to the emergence of a "project" of civilizing life that is based on an economic system, so that the emergence of the idea of modernity is closely linked with the rise of capitalism. The technology in the workplace allows companies to expand quickly and efficiently. Business technologies, such as videoconferencing, social networking, and virtual office technology, have eliminated the limits of the workplace that once limited the expansion of business. With technology for business, companies can target a broad customer base and grow to very high levels.

Improve communication

Technology for business is important because it improves communication in the workplace. Office workers are no longer limited to phone calls or inter-office mail to interact with each other. Email allows workers to send messages instantly without interrupting the recipient. Technology for business also improves communication with customers and business partners since information can be transmitted through multiple channels almost instantaneously.

Human capital

Technology in the workplace improves the efficiency of the examination, recruitment and hiring of potential candidates. Companies use the Internet to spread the message of the organization and to advertise job offers. Hiring managers can target candidates by using the digital advertising technology that tracks the websites they visit. Technology such as personality assessment tools and examinations allow companies to determine if a potential candidate is appropriately matched to the organization.


Office technology saves time by streamlining the workflow process. Digital archiving systems save space, paper and printing costs. The use of computer systems allows you to make corrections instantly. Resources such as electronic files and access to information technologies are available at the touch of a button.


Technology in the workplace virtually eliminates the barrier of space and time. Videoconferencing technology allows companies from anywhere in the world to interact with one another. Technology reduces travel costs because companies can set up virtual meetings and distribute data without having to be in the same room. Technology allows companies to establish a global presence at a fraction of the cost.

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