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Teamwork is crucial to any organization. The concept of synergy best describes the importance of unity and teamwork. It suggests that we can increase the output of a task by combining our efforts rather than performing them individually. It is the individuals which make a team. So, a team is strong and effective if its members have unity and are prepared to give in everything they have.

The importance of an individual in a team can be understood by visualizing a wall made of bricks. Each brick represents a team player. If we take one brick from the center of the wall then a hole will appear will in it which will reduce its strength. Same is the case with a team. If one player isn’t up to the task, the team becomes weak. Thus, each member of a team is invaluable to its strength. This demands each individual to be a good team player for the collective good. In this article, we have listed down some of the qualities which an individual should have to become a great team player.

Respect other’s opinions

Respect matters the most in our lives. If you aren’t respected at a place then you won’t last there for long regardless of the other benefits you get. Even if you decide to stick there, you won’t be able to perform fully because you won’t feel important. A good team player respects other’s opinions and makes them feel to be an important part of the team.

Listen to understand

The second important thing which a great team player needs to have is good listening capacity. If you don’t give others the time to share their views nor you pay attention to them when they speak then you aren’t a good team player. You should listen to other members in order to understand them not just to answer them.

Admire others for their participation

We all love to be respected and recognized. As a good team player, you should respect others for their work. Recognize their efforts and appreciate them where they deserve. This will encourage them to further improve their work which is in the greater good of the team.

Don’t just negate others

As a good team player, it is your duty to point out other people’s mistakes. But don’t do that just for the sake of doing it. Do it to help them. Don’t negate others if they are wrong. But improve what they are saying by adding something to it.

Ensure everyone participates

Nature has gifted each of us with a beautiful mind. Since each mind is different from the other so the thoughts and ideas coming up in one’s mind will be unique from other as well. So, to gather a maximum number of ideas, you need to ensure each member’s equal participation. You can do this by bringing the inactive participants into the loop so they are forced to share their views.

Offer help to everyone

People are often shy to open up fully to others or they are scared to make mistakes which keep them from participating. As a responsible team member, you should be available for help whenever someone needs it. Offer your assistance to other members of the team so that they are able to play their role effectively.

Be a good manager

Another important thing which you need to have as a good team player is good management. Management skills are crucial when it comes competent working of a team. You should know how to manage people. You should also know how to manage time so that your team performs tasks in the limited time frame.

Be a protagonist

This is one of the most important qualities which you need to have as a good team player; the quality of being an initiator. You shouldn’t hesitate in taking initiatives. Be confident and lead everyone where necessary. Become an example so that other members of the team could follow.

Bridge communication among participants

Effective communication results in wonders. If there is limited conversation between the members of your team then you should try to bridge it between them. Come up with intriguing topics so that everyone is able to have their say. This communication will ease things up between individuals and the whole team will perform better.

Be adaptable

The last quality which a good team player needs to have is adaptability. You should know how to quickly become a part of the team. This, however, demands you to show ductility in your behavior. Adjust yourself according to the demands of time. Never compromise on your principles but listen to others and if they come up with something better then support it.

These are things which can help you in becoming a great team player and achieve excellence in the process.

Author Bio:

Ronald Thomas is a motivational speaker and a life coach. He works with dissertation plus as student counselor. When not working she enjoys traveling and spending her time beachside.