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When working on a job, the hierarchy and the chain of command play a big part in shaping your personality at your work place. In particular, your relationship with your manager or whoever it is you are accountable to is deeply based on the authoritative nature of the higher ups. This is unhealthy.

Being scared around your bosses builds unnecessary tension and stress that no one benefits from. You begin underperforming, and your boss notices your lack of enthusiasm. In the end, it all comes back to bite you. We believe one must be more relaxed and courageous when approaching bosses and that is something a lot of people lack. Here are four tips on how you can change that.

• Keep it simple

When talking to your boss, keep everything direct and straight to the point. They hate having bad or convoluted information and thus prefer to know only the essentials. If you have something to report, let him know only what is absolutely necessary. Spoon him or her information and try to save the hassle.

One of the things employers hate more than anything is their employees beating around the bush. So don’t make your employer second guess his or her faith in you and try to seem genuine.

• Don’t hide your mistakes

Making mistakes at work is normal. We all do it. But when it comes to reporting it to your boss, people tend to hide it to look good in their monthly review. This will only create a tangle of lies that will hurt you in the end. That is why it is essential to come forward and admit your mistakes the moment they happen.

Especially for those who are working for the first time tend to be very reluctant in sharing the work mishaps. All bosses are fully aware that you can make mistakes learning the ropes and trying out new things. It’s nothing to be ashamed of.

• Take him seriously

When your boss is telling you something or instructing you specifically, take his words extremely seriously. Take notes if you have to, but remember what he or she said.

Bosses hate having to repeat themselves and grow frustrated by employees who are not able to follow their task as told. You need to give your manager a break and make their life easier by doing exactly what they are saying and having a good understanding of it the first time they say it. Don’t make them repeat and don’t do anything other than what you are told.

• Share some time off-work

Work can be a stressful place. Even for your boss. That is why whenever there is an occasion or opportunity to meet off work, such as during an office gathering, use every one of those chances to get to know each other. It breaks the professional barrier between you two, and you might even have a glimpse of your boss’ personal life. There is really no better substitute to being a loser around your boss than by simply trying to bond with him as a friend.

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The author of this blog is Ashley Albert. She is a motivational speaker and instructor who writes for essay writing company and gives speeches related to work attitude and professional behavior. She currently spends her time writing blogs and articles online. You can also follow her at different social networks like Facebook, G+ and Twitter.