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The employees of a firm have an important role to play in the organization. They perform their assigned duties and this helps the firm meet its objectives. They work separately in different departments and the end result is a uniform output that represents the company’s image. They coordinate amongst themselves and this ensuresoptimum business performance.At the end of an outstanding year, then it is only fair for the management to reward and congratulate the employees in the firm. This makes the employees feel appreciated and it motivates them further in their endeavors. There are various ways of congratulating employees at the end of an outstanding year. Here are some of them.

1. Feed your employees.

Everyone loves food and this makes it a great way of congratulating your employees. Organize a company lunch and let your employees enjoy themselves as much as they like. You can have the lunch at the office or at in a location outside the firm. Just make sure that your caterer includes food items that your employees will enjoy. A luncheon is simple to put up together and you won’t spend a lot to organize one. It also provides your employees with an opportunity to bond and this motivates your employees further going forward. It will also keep your employees happy and this benefits the organization since happy employees are usually very productive.

2. Host a party at the office.

This is a great way to appreciate your employees at work. Host a party over the weekend and have your employees bring their families over. Come up with a theme and let your employees’ style up for the party. A family day out allows your employees to relax from their taxing job responsibilities. It also makes for a great bonding experience and your workers are able to interact on a personal level and get to know each other better. As the event is going on, bring the party to a halt and address the gathering. Thank your workers for their input throughout the year and their efforts in ensuring the company meets its objectives. If there are gifts to be handed out, this is the best time to do that.

3. Thank you notes for each and every member.

Sometimes the best way to appreciate your employees for a job well done is with a thank note. A hand written thank you note is personal and it shows that you care. Your employees will appreciate this gesture more than an impersonal gift such as a cup. In the note, highlight in detail why you think the said employee is special and how their efforts aided the firm. Delivering detailed thank you notes shows that you are aware of your employees’ efforts at the workplace and this makes you a great boss. When developing a thank notes, write different notes for each of your employees. Using a similar note for all your employees generalizes them and this makes the notes less personal.

4. Share snacks with your employees.

A box of snacks that you share with employees is another way of congratulating and motivating them. Buy a box of doughnuts for your employees and place them in the break room. Let your employees know that the treat is for their amazing efforts in at the office. You can get them sweets as well and share them around the office. Sometimes you don’t have to be extravagant to be grateful and a box of healthy treats could be all you need to say thank you.

5. Gifts for your employees.

You can buy gifts for your employees as a way of showing your appreciation. Branded coffee mugs, books, and office stationery are great corporate gifts UK. You should be warned, however, that it could get expensive if you have a large workforce and you want to gift all of them. Research extensively to find out what your employees’ preferences are before getting them anything. You may end up offending the recipient with your gifts if you fail to do so.


Firms have an obligation to rewards their employees for their good performance in the office. Doing so will motivate them and this will boost their performance at the office. 

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