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Maintaining a healthy relation with your coworkers is very important. This is the environment you spend most time of your day. Therefore, it is your utmost responsibility to create a positive relation with your coworkers.

All you need to say is a Thank You for their help, that’s it. Remember, this simple gesture can go a long way. So, I ask, how difficult is it to be grateful to others for their help?

But, this is not it. There are numerous other ways to express your gratitude to your coworkers.

However, you may say, “They helped because they wanted to, so what? I didn’t ask for their help.”  I ask, what’s the harm in showing a little appreciation?

Did you know last year Google did a little survey on the ‘biggest motivators’ for the employees, and the result was shocking! The result showed that expressing gratitude and recognizing the employees for their work is their biggest motivator. So, the question here is, “Why be selfish with one thing that matter most to the people?” as the CEO of Brands David Novak said.

So, the next time someone at your office does something good to you, don’t be selfish and appreciate them for their effort. How? Let’s check that out!

Find Your Coworker doing something good

Most of the times we end up catching people doing the wrong things. But, this time find someone in your office doing something productive and appreciate them for their effort. Just a positive feedback is what they need to be energized and then see the results. All you got to say is,”Great work friend, Keep it up.” And so on.

Try to celebrate even the smallest of wins

If someone at your office accomplished something, instead of being jealous, appreciate them. Ask them how they achieved that blah blah. Take them out for a small cup of coffee or a simple lunch. Celebrating even the tiniest of their accomplishments will encourage them to do better in the future, which will prove to be good for your organization.

Make other people’s day

Adding a thank you and smiling at your coworker is free. Did you know that? So, why not offer your colleagues any warm and kind words whenever you can?

Maintain a friendly relation with them

Keep it simple, be friendly with them. Ask them about their families, their kids, their hobbies. Where they live and so on.

Know what they like

Know when their birthday is, give them small gifts on occasions like Thank’s Giving and New Years.

Bring in a little something

If you are late for breakfast and will stop by the coffee shop, how about bringing some donuts or muffins for your coworkers? Try this and this will be much appreciated. Trust me!

Decorate their workspace

Try doing this. Doing this will send across the message to all your colleagues that this coworker is important for you and you appreciate all their efforts.

Give them a pass to Opera or any concert

Do you have any passes for opera with you, but you don’t want to go? Why not give them to your coworker and show appreciation?

Teach them a skill

Are you good at something they are not? Why not offer them some advice and teach them that skill?

Offer them your help

If they are stuck on something and can’t find their way out of it, be gentle and offer them help. This will mean a lot to them.

Send a note to the supervisor

If you like the work of your coworker why not spread the word? How about sending a note to the supervisor and filling them in with the details?

It takes only one person to make a difference in your work environment. So, step up and be that person.  Try to express your gratitude to your coworkers and other people around you.  Try to cultivate this thing in the office and see what changes can it bring in your office environment.

Remember, gratitude is not only the words you speak, it actually means the words you mean. So, be sincere in the words you speak.

For a business to flourish, a healthy relationship with other people in the office is important. If the office environment in your workplace is healthy, people will come forward to do business with your company, and what’s greater than this?

I am telling this by experience that offering a little gratitude can do wonders at the work environment. The best of all the offices are those where people are not afraid to appreciate others for their efforts irrespective of their positions.

Everyone loves to be praised in this world, so why not make someone’s day by doing that? The best way to combat the negativity in your workplace is to show appreciation to your coworkers and creating a healthy place to work.

Author’s Bio

Liz Gibson is a nationally well-known speaker, strategist, and advisor who has shared her passion for leadership, engagement, and service with audiences across the country.Her love for writing and love to write admission essay mba. She lives in Dublin with her mother and a kitten named Mussy.