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Carefully assess the situation

It is often the case that managers find it difficult to find a trigger or a starting point to start promoting ethical practices in the workplace. However, a simple step to identifying this point is to carefully sit and analyze or assess the ongoing situation at the workplace. Once you have the proper understanding of the situation, then only you will be able to develop strong practices that can motivate ethical behavior at the workplace. In order to analyze or assess the situation, you can start by sitting with your key employees who are the influencers in the team, find out the on-going practices and behaviors that are going on within the department.

Make your employees a part of ethical framework

If someone has been a part of something strong which is practiced throughout the company, they are more likely to follow and respect it themselves. So to have a motivating start, always take a say of your employees and make them part of the ethical framework policies and development that you are working on. You can maybe ask each employee to recommend a strong ethical practice on a brainstorming board, before you start to finalize the entire framework.

Lead by example

If your employees see you as someone who is rarely a believer of such strong ethical practices, they will obviously be even more careless. So ensuring a good statement and the right example is important for you as a manager.

Clearly define the consequences

Where you have to show a bad side or strictness of the company, show it without any hesitation. Clearly lay down the points and consequences that can occur if the ethical practices are not clearly followed and there seems to be a distortion in adhering to the framework. This can help reinforce the message by means of negative reinforcement.

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