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Remote interviews are becoming popular as employers have started to the span the globe for the perfect candidate. If you have an interview on Skype, it can be harder than a person to person interview. There are, however, some tips you can use to make the best impression possible.

Make sure you are dressed professionally and presentably. Many people are tempted to only dress up their top half, assuming their bottom half will not be seen. If you need to get up though, for example to adjust your computer or webcam, it will be obvious that you are not dressed fully for the part. Additionally, being completely professionally dressed will help you get in the right frame of mind for the interview ensuring that you will be mentally alert.

A Skype interview can be viewed as a blessing because you get to control your environment perfectly- unlike person to person interviews. Make sure you choose a neat, tidy and quiet room where you are comfortable. You do not want pets, family members or even phone calls being able to disturb you. Your background should also be plain so that you are the main focus.

An important aspect is to practice the interview a few times properly dressed in the room you will be in. Choose a trusted family member or friend to run through a mock interview with you. They should not only be focused on what you are saying but also the aesthetics of your frame. Ask them to ensure that the audio and visual equipment is working properly, that you are clearly being heard and seen. They should also check to see if you are appropriately positioned- not too close or too far.

When you are in person, it is natural to smile when you walk into the room. This may not come as naturally when you are Skyping especially when it is your first remote interview. Remind yourself to stay calm, confident and smiling. The benefit of a remote interview is that you can hide notes and talking points in front of you away from the interviewer. This will help you remember to say everything you have planned out for the interview. Additionally, if you are feeling calm and confident you will be able to address any technical glitches that may occur- unclear audio for example. By remaining calm through any issues, you will further show your employer your ability to problem-solve while maintaining a professional demeanor.

Author Bio: Suzi is a HR consultant. Currently, she is working for Resume Writing Service – SouqJobs. Her job is to work with university and college students for their education and career guidance.