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The search, recruitment and selection of talent through the web, with the support of social networks and social software are causing major changes; among others, the following:

1. It is balancing the scales in attracting talent, between large companies and SMEs calls (SMEs), this in terms of two important factors: cost Recruitment / Selection, and feasibility of rapid approach the ideal candidate by a click.

2. It is radically changing the business model called "Head Hunters", "Talent Hunt" and / or external recruiters. Topic that will be addressed in more detail in next collaboration.

3. Web 2.0, the system of Social Software, well used, can maximize, surprisingly, from start to finish, the process of recruitment and selection, allowing those responsible for these processes, adding value to the company; obtaining immediately and with quality, curriculum information with profiles suitable for positions to be filled.

Challenges and important issues to consider in recruitment and selection or "Of the top 10 problems of the organizations, one of them is the selection of personnel; the following 9 are derived from poor recruitment.”

With support of recruitment and selection company achieves a sustainable, productive, profitable growth; this means their stay in the market.

4.  Through recruitment and selection of quality talent growth is achieved, improving productivity; not have adequate staff for poor recruitment and selection is paid in the short term.

The Recruitment and Selection with Vision 360

In recruitment and selection you have various ways and means to operate. To be precise in the task of recruitment and selection, it must be viewed with an optical stage 360 in which computer technology via Web, social networks and social software today gives a distinct advantage.

It should be noted computer technology and social networks are not for all the needs of recruitment and selection.

To avoid errors in the use of these systems via Web, it is inescapable alignment recruitment and selection process to implement 100% success with computer technology, social networks and social software to the company.

Web, Recruitment and Selection Talent via Computer technology

Computer technology via the Web, you have several options for the recruitment and selection such as:

1. Search engines which fail to have updated information curricular information, which makes them static systems and therefore in the process of obsolescence.

2. Web portals companies and recruitment section; which they must be connected with the various Web systems; very necessary for reasons of "branding", monitoring and control

3. Social networks such as LinkedIn, Video, Xing, Facebook, Twitter, etc, which are proving their potential, its immediacy to achieve connection, communication and trust relationship.

4. Recruiting Software: to find talent in less time by automating the search and selection process, connecting 3 technologies, via the Web, above in this collaboration with just one posting, one click.

Web 2.0, Social Networking and Social Software in the Recruitment and Selection

Web 2.0, Social Networks and Social Software, are not necessarily for all businesses, for all its recruitment and selection processes; there are variables to consider, before taking to the recruitment and selection through these systems.

This brings us to the need to assess the information and profiles to recruit, as they could be; demographic information, age, education level, geographic area to be searched, even, if possible, have information partner profile, which refers to the knowledge of information technology and use of social networks by our recruiting target group.

Web 2.0, Social Networking and Social Software in the Recruitment and Selection and Talent

O Are there suitable talent on social networks?
O Are there jobs in social networks?
O How you can contact Talent and recruiters?

These are questions that make us invariably, and the answers are:

Or "If appropriate social networking Talent"

Or "If they can find jobs in social networks"

And the answer to the third question of how contact is called professional management of the process, which leads to an orderly process, which involves: Planning, Organization, Control and Communication.

Some recruiters who venture into the recruiting via social networking consider only have to climb the search to the social network, LinkedIn, Facebook, or other, which is a mistake, to do a job management, overall a professional work with the basic elements of a task as it is to attract talent to the organization.

My process of recruitment and selection in social networks

How should our recruitment and selection process with the support of social networks? The elements to consider are the same as traditional recruitment called face.

It is still considered the staffing requirements to cover based on:

• strategy of the company,
• planning and growth objectives,
• budget,
• profiles of candidates,
• Job Description and
• comprehensive view of the sources of recruitment and selection

And like the physical recruitment, will be tasks of the "Research" (research), contact your, you have to recruit, interview; investigate the candidate to have the elements of decision, choice, we must recruit, and induce the candidate.

Principles to operate on Social Networks

In the recruitment and selection through Web 2.0, social networks, Social Software, must contact before it needs, i.e. we must create communities of contacts (portfolio of candidates), this is a basic principle used since the beginnings of "Head Hunting"; the strength of "Head Hunter" (Head-hunter) is on the potential for contact immediately, because of their knowledge of the labour market, business, executives, with public relations experts, human relations, networking.

In social networks "hunter" and "hunted" are lining up, this means that you are meeting before the trial, Seek through the expression "both being measured" day to day debate discussion, profile to profile both, they are watching, calling, contacting.

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