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Technology has contributed a lot in changing outlook of the world. It has also influenced the process of globalization in a positive way. Globalization makes people connected from all over the world. Technology has given advanced and developed means of communication. Now people can easily distribute and share information across the world.  Impacts of technology on globalization are discussed in this article.

1. Improved Socialization

Different people of world are now connected to each other without any hindrance. There is improved infrastructure and transportation available for travelling from one part of the world to the other. People can easily move to different places of the world for trade, meet-ups and social gatherings.  Improved socialization has provided opportunities to know different cultures, religions and regions in a better way. This upgraded socialization has opened doors for several people to get more detailed knowledge about different parts of the world. Technology has made world more like a family.

2. Advanced Telecommunication

Telecommunication has undoubtedly played a vital role in modernizing globalization. Advanced telecommunication technology has demolished all the barriers of distance. People can frequently communicate with their loved ones from remote places. Furthermore, social media has also played a dramatic role in connecting people from all over the world in just seconds. There are hundreds of social networking websites which have linked people of different nations and cultural values.  Mobile phones, social media and TV are all included in advanced telecommunication.

3. Developments in Trade and Commerce

Trade and commerce are the most important features of globalization and technology has contributed a lot in improving business sector. Technology has made the whole world a global market. All the traders from far-flung regions of the world can now deal from remote locations due to facilities provided by technology. Moreover, with the help of performance review software managers can recruit and train their employees. Technology has modified the business companies by giving them efficient tools and information systems. Technology has improved the ways of transaction between different companies without high taxes and tariffs.

4. Better Foreign Relations

Foreign relations are an integral part of globalization and are also important to each country of the world. All countries are connected to each other because of advanced technology. Nations cannot survive alone and technology has made us quite strong as compared to primitive era. All nations respect each other because they know that each nation has advanced nuclear systems. That’s why nations respect each other and try to develop amicable relations to promote peace. Moreover, different countries are also involved in trade and commerce which is beneficial for boosting up economy.

These are some of the impacts of technology on globalization. Globalization is a huge process but technology has simplified it by giving efficient sources and means to connect with each in a better way. Business sector has evolved with more productivity options and people are also getting employment chances across the globe because of improved telecommunication systems and socialization means. Therefore, we can say that technology has positive impacts on globalization.

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