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If you are fed up of working day and night and still doesn’t get any growth in your company, well then this is the time to change your strategy. You have done all the hard work and your performance is your proof that you are worthy enough to get promotion but still haven’t got it. Then the only reason here which is stopping you from getting your well-deserved promotion is your relationship with your manager. You should analyze your relation with your manager because he is the one who holds the key of may be your new car or new cabin. If it is like that, then you should start working on your relationship with your manager by taking care of these ten things which I am going to mention below which will help you to cross all the hurdles on the path of your promotion.

1.    Do what others don’t want to do:

To stand out yourself from others, you have to do something which rest doesn’t want to do. Also, you would find some little things in your office for which everyone waits for the supporting staff to come and solve this like by learning the solution of photocopier machine basic problems, you can get yourself noticed. For example, if one of your co-workers face any problem with the copy machine so you can easily get yourself noticed by rolling up your sleeves and solving the issue.

2.    Be involved in your industry:

It doesn’t matter if it relates to your performance or not if something new pops up in your industry make sure to pass it on to others in your office. Shoot an email or print handouts and distribute it to everyone including your managers just to show that how much you are involved in your industry and how much you are updated with all the innovations of your industry.

3.     Be Tidy:

Let me tell you a secret. The managers doesn’t like to come on the messy desks where the clutter of files always remains piled up one on another. If you want your manager to come on your desk, you have to maintain a balance of working material on your desk. If there is a paper on your desk, it should have any reason to be on the desk. Your desk should have enough materials that show you are working. Make sure when you leave your desk, spend at least 5 minutes to spruce your desk or file cabinets.

4.    Before the manager and after the manager:

You have done your quality work; now it is time to do some quantity work. You should mark the timings of your manager and try to reach before him. It is true that there is no point in spending extra free hours in the office. It can also make your manager think that you are failing to complete your tasks on time which is why you are spending extra hours. But another perspective of this is that it can create an impression on your manager that you are enjoying the environment of the office which is why you like to spend the most time in the office.

5.    Read some extra stuff on the desk:

Reading is a habit which everyone likes but still very few do reading. I am not saying here to start reading sports magazine on your desk or any encyclopedia book. Keeping any relevant book or any industry magazine with you is one of the ways to show your manager that how much indulge you are in your work and want to learn more and more just to keep up your performance.

6.    Be Responsible:

If your manager has assigned you any task, make sure to complete it at any cost. That is the time to show your worth to your manager and making him aware that you also care about his performance and reputation which is why you are going to every extent just to complete his assigned task. Make your manager aware of the fact that you are a right person on who he can depend on and trust.

7.    Dress Gently:

Do not dress like your co-workers. Always dress like the upper tier management. The motive behind of your dressing should show that you take your job seriously and do some special preparations as the managers do before coming to the office. If you are clean shaved then shave daily, if you have shave, make sure to trim it and keep it in a gentle form.

8.    Save money for the company:

If everyone is using the perks provided by the company, avoid it by saying that this is not a facility that company should provide us. Also, try to find cheap vendors for the company. Keep a keen eye on all electronic products and put them off as soon as someone stops using it.

9.    Be Prepared:

In the managerial level meetings or executive level meetings, be prepared for both with the same preparation. Read all the agendas before entering into the meeting rooms. Read the minutes of the previous meeting and prepare questions to ask and ideas to share in the meeting to make yourself prominent. Make sure to do same preparation for both level meetings so you can show that you give equal importance to everything.

10.    Back your opinion:

If you are going to make any opinion, make sure to find its logical backing. Managers like to hear opinions with some solid bedrocks. This could be another opportunity for you to show your knowledge and competency to be the part of upper management.

Final Words:

Creating a healthy relationship can only get you a promotion when you keep showing your performance in the field. Without performing, doing all this stuff will not make any effect on your manager or boss.

Author Bio: Sasha Williams has always wanted to research & explore new things. With helping students in their academic writing, she can simply get new ideas on daily basis. She provides term paper writing help to the students along with dissertation writing.