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A nation is strengthened by the strength of character and unity of its constituents that are the people of the nation. In the same way, for a business or a company, the most important resource is the human resource. If you have talented people working for you, then you have no worries about not making enough profit because they know that they will have to work hard to get their stipends and they will make sure that they never miss out.

There are hard working people that work all day and then there are intelligent people who get rid of the task they were given in a short span of time by concentrating fully. There are sweepers that don’t do the job and rather just roam around with the brush in their hands and then there are people who smoke while on duty. There are young enthusiasts who work to gain the much needed experience and give it their all and then there are experienced individuals who will work only if you constantly ask them to because they know that their input is valuable and the company or the employer can go nowhere without them. 

It is a skill to be able to manage these different kinds of people in the workforce and these were only some of the examples. A leader, a manager needs to be on their toes at all times in order to make things happen. The office environment plays a big role in shaping the destiny of the business. Workforce ethics are something that can prove to be really vital in this regard. A lot of people overlook these principles and they fail miserably because these are the real building blocks to the strength of the business because these are the key points that increase factors like job security and the like. Read on to know some of the few fundamental things that can be done in order to maintain a good office ethic:

1. Motivation:
This is the most important thing to do, hands down. Human beings naturally love to hear praise for the hard work they put in and if as a manager, you can appreciate the work done by your employees, it is a great thing. Also remember to reprimand in private and don’t just do it for the sake of it. Scold, but scold to motivate.

2. Give them opportunities to speak:
Don’t be authoritative. Give them the opportunities to speak for themselves and it will increase their confidence.

3. Incentives:
Awards like “Employee of the month” and others can make the employee feel out of the world at times. Bonus is the biggest motivation that you can provide.

4. Brainstorm with them:
Arrange meetings every now and again where you allow everybody to speak whatever they have in mind and let their ideas affect the future of the business too. Through this, you can ensure that everybody feels that they are a part of the bigger picture and not just hired employees.

Author’s Bio: I’ve worked with hundreds of small business owners over the years. You are a hardy lot. Your enthusiasm and ability to overcome huge obstacles inspires me. I began my consulting firm in 1996 because I saw small businesses struggling everywhere I looked. We wear so many hats and sometimes it just takes a little help from an “outsider” to kick us in the right direction.