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Job interview for fresh graduates is one nostalgic activity. Pretty much reminds you of the days you were once looking for a job. The days you kept sending your resume to various companies, hoping one would end up calling you with some attractive offers. Doesn't it remind you of the days you took most of your time checking for job opportunities online? I'm sure it does.

In spite of all the nostalgia, it's a different experience when you're among the panelist interviewing some fresh graduates. You have to be aware of some basic code of conduct that will help you be professional and get the best candidates while interviewing. The following are some simple tips:

1. Don't Get Clouded by Your Emotions

It is as simple as it is, don't get clouded by your emotions. Regardless of whether you see a fresh graduate that looks like someone you knew or if you get disgusted by looking at them, refuse to get clouded by your emotions.

It is always important to note that you have to be as professional as possible while conducting the interview. Often, fresh grads exploit this weakness like coming out when dressed seductively to impress interviewers. Be open to experiencing such awkward situations; preparing your mind beforehand.

2. Ask Provocative Questions

Let's face it! Job environments are not as calm as they are purported to be. One time you have your boss yell at you for some small error in your work while at another, some colleagues have formed a small group to talk ill about you. It is never easy.

Needless to say, you need to be determined to act as a professional within the insanity of such an environment. Therefore, you can choose to either create such situations, to check out fresh graduates' responses or table down some questions that provoke them to think of the best alternative in such circumstances.

3. Be Smart

Sadly, we don't live in the 19th Century. Keep that in mind. In the world we live today, there are very many sources online that provide a detailed guide to fresh grads of what they should do in interviews.

So, be ready to create some intuitive questions during the interview. Most of these grads have mastered the art of answering the common questions during interviews. Ultimately, you'd want to get that grad who thinks outside the box, right? So, ask questions that will engage them to think that way.

4. Be in Control of the Interview

Remember that the interview is in your hands. Do not allow the grad to direct the questions. You can give them room to speak up but at certain points shut them down politely to signify you are the one in control. Sadly, many interviewers fall prey to such schemes from graduates.

5. Check Out Their Resume

Checking out their resume is crucial before interviewing. It helps a lot to weed out those grads who are not honest and hardworking. For example, passing the resume on plagiarism site detectors is a simple thing that would help you a lot. Most grads just copy paste these resume off Google and fail to edit a bigger chunk of it.

Secondly, you got to check out the referees listed. Some grads just list some random names and numbers on their resume. I mean, if one can lie on their resume, they wouldn't hold back lying on the job. Lastly, distinguish a professional resume from one which is not. If after removing the grads who submitted average resumes still leaves you with quite a number, go for it. Fresh graduates who have learned the art of professional resume writing and interviewing are likely to bring better result on the job.

6. Do your Homework

Apparently, being prepared for an interview is the responsibility of both the interviewer and interviewee. It is also your responsibility to search for new and efficient interview tips and questions to ask. Also, you have to understand everything concerning your company. It would be a sad and awkward situation where the fresh graduate asks you something you are unaware of about the business.

7. Be Confident

It may sound easy but being confident is a great deal while interviewing. Even if it is your first experience, do not show the graduates that you are timid and shying off. Practicing before the day of the interview will help you build confidence over time.

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