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How many minutes do you need to do your makeup every day? How much time do you spend in front of a mirror? Does it take more than 10 minutes to do your hair? What about your makeup? Today’s business women want to look their best when heading to the office. They want their face to look flawless, and their clothes to fit perfectly. Why? Because in business the key to success is all about being well-groomed.

The pressure of wearing makeup at work

Believe it or not, there are women who don’t wear makeup; women who have never put mascara or foundation on their faces. Just because they don’t agree to wearing makeup, it doesn’t mean they can’t look presentable. Some women have other priorities than spend 1 hours in front of the mirror every morning. Whether we like it or not, society blames women who don’t wear makeup. We see other women on the streets all dolled up just to walk the dog, so in some ways, not wearing makeup decreases our self-esteem.

Law versus policy

In business, some women think that it’s way more important to wear clothes that exude sophistication and instill a sense of self-respect and confidence. Dressing the part matters because it gives people confidence that you know what you’re doing. Whether you’re a lawyer, consultant, marketer, or CEO in a big company, the way you dress can make or break a conversation. Some companies have dress codes, which is perfectly normal. Women can’t dress in flirty summer skirts and tops on Wall Street because nobody will take them seriously. Also, they’re not advised to wear striking makeup, even though there are no rules as far as makeup “attire”  in the office is concerned.

When makeup does more harm than good

First thing’s first: makeup doesn’t guarantee career growth. Just because you want to use makeup to look prettier in the eyes of others, doesn’t necessarily make you smarter. Too many times women treat makeup as a mask. They use it to hide their true identities. What’s even more striking is that they often do the same thing with clothes, buying things they can’t really afford with money they don’t have. But companies have become a lot smarter. Many choose to hire “brains over looks”. At the end of the day, your purpose is not to smile and look pretty in the office, but use your brain to move things around and prove that you’re capable to boost the productivity of the company you’re working for.

Good nutrition matters more than makeup

What does good nutrition have to do with makeup? The answer: everything. We are what we eat, and this can be seen on the outside too. Good food is fundamental because it keeps our skin looking fresh and elastic. And oftentimes, when your skin is flawless, there’s really no need to cover it up with makeup. Sure, it’s ok to use a face mask for dry skin every once in awhile to help restore moisture, and make sure that even the slightest layer of makeup looks impeccable.

Wearing makeup on a daily basis can have a negative impact on your skin. Most products are packed with chemicals and all sorts of ingredients that foster the accumulation of dirt and grime. But if you moisturize and cleanse every day, you should be safe and sound.

Makeup doesn’t define your working abilities. Just because your face looks beautiful, it doesn’t mean you should feel forced to do your eyebrows or eyelashes every single day. There are more important things you should be focusing on. For example, women in business should wear presentable clothes. Their hair and nails have to be well-groomed, and last but not least, attitude has a great impact too.

Bottom line is makeup is not imperative for a woman’s career growth. Sure, some might think that’s true, and using a face mark for dry skin is more than recommended. But serious companies hire people based on competencies, not pretty face. A presentable appearance doesn’t limit to makeup. It’s very important to keep that in mind for your next job interview. Talk to potential employers with confidence, and find a way to wow them with your past experience and drive, not makeup.

Author Bio:

Alfred Stallion is a guest blogger and writer who writes articles on varied topics ranging from business, marketing and finance. His articles made him popular among his readers